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prostate cancer

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What is the success rate of radiation treatment of gleason 7 prostate cancer

3.14 psa gleason scale 7 and 6 2 out of 10 samples were cancer what would you do?


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psa and gleason
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My case I was diagnosed with Gleason score of 8.5 in Feb, 2010 and had RT and HT and I am still here and I am still on HT.
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The rates of success in radiation treatment vary. Type of radiation, protocol and patients’ diagnosis, etc., must be taken into consideration. I would recommend you to look for an example at the MSKCC ‘s Prostate Cancer Nomograms. They are easy to use and can give you a comparison between surgery and Brackytherapy (one type of radiation) based on the rates. Just log to the site and enter the info of your diagnosis.
Here is the link;

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