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Next month will be my 2 year anniversary

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Next month will be my 2 year anniversary from surgery and I have lots to be thankful for…I’m still testing <0.1 (undetectable). I have posted this diet information in the past and hope it will be helpful to the new members of our reluctant club…

The only advice you will hear from me is make diet changes, exercise and believe in the treatment you select (no one should ever direct you to a specific treatment-this is your life-just believe it was/is the best option for you and never second guess it).

My Prostatic Cancer Staging Summary 2 year ago was less than hopeful without a recurrence soon after surgery (as my medical team originally pressed me on):

Positive for Carcinoma-Right Seminal Vesicles
Surgical Margins: Positive, right mid Prostate
Gleason Score- 4+3=7
Extraprostatic Extension- Present and Extensive

Sounds bad and I guess it is but I remain cancer free and I believe I owe it to my diet, exersice and “fate”…

Anyway, Lots of good information out there one of my favorite places for updated information are the web sites for UCSF and Prostate Cancer Foundation (give often to these guys…they fund the cutting edge and have done more for PCa than any group) –
What I get out of all of this is that we should eat better quality food (less fat, no red meat, less salt, no sugar, less alcohol and more fruit, veggies, fish, nuts, whole grains, fiber and antioxidants) and exercise more for improved health, but there were still some interesting details.

Generally, a "healthy" diet is recommended for cancer patients in order to: 1) reduce the risk of chronic disease, 2) help to inhibit cancer growth, 3) enhance the immune system, 4) increase energy levels and 4) to facilitate recovery from cancer treatment.
The following were specifically recommended for a "Cancer Protective Diet" from UCSF:
1) 8-10 "colorful" fruit & veggie servings daily
2) 30-40 gms of fiber daily from beans/legumes & whole grains
3) Limit consumption of processed and refined foods (eg., white rice & bread-I eat whole grain only)
4) Limit meat & daily products; avoid processed meats ( I eat wild cold water fish only)
5) Increase healthy fats (omega 3 fatty acids) from cold water fish, nuts, etc.)
6) Drink 1-4 cups of green tea daily
7) Avoid or limit alcohol consumption (I drink 2-3 glass of wine frequently per instructions from oncologist)
8) Get tested for Vitamin D and take supplement as needed (up to 1-2gm daily)
9) Increase daily intake of antioxidant rich foods, which include lycopene, selenium & Vitamin E.
10) And, lastly, exercise at least 30-60 mins daily to achieve an acceptable BMI. (I exercise 90-120 minutes a day 5x week)
No real surprises here and no evidence that following these suggestions will "cure" or prevent reoccurrence of your cancer. However, it certainly can't hurt you and will definitely make you a healthier person.

Best to all-B

hopeful and opt...
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There is new information about selenium & Vitamin E. The "Select Study" with approximatly 30,000 men that was evaluting intake of selenium and vitamin E (thinking that it was positive) was stopped midway since it showed to have negative effects instead.

Additionally a fews months ago, the Cleaveland Clinic published a study, that was done among, I think, about 15,000 men that showed intake of vitamin E increases the risk of prostate cancer.

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Thanks for your response…”Pick your poison”…. I read so many conflicting reports (in general on diet) on E and selenium that I ignore most of them. Like the report says “Increase daily intake of antioxidant rich foods, which include lycopene, selenium & Vitamin E” (i.e. not a pill).…I had a medical doctor tell me this past Fall to take 15,000 units of D based on “stuff” and I elected not to take his advice (I take 1000)…. It seems to be working for me…I believe that taking to much of something is not good for you and my goal for the past two years has been to remove all supplements/vitamins out of my diet…Best to you-B

hopeful and opt...
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I was thinking extra doses (pills). .....sorry for the miscommunication.

Dr. Mark Moyad, a prominent nutritionist recommends no more than 1 tro 2k vitamin d.

I also believe that supplements/vitamins are not necessary, and can be a negative.

Thanks again for the post.

I am glad that things are going well for you....always good to hear good news.

VascodaGama's picture
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It is nice to see you posting again. Particularly about the news of Zeros.
Congratulations on your advanced anniversary.
I hope those successes continue and that you become healthier with your diet.
Do not forget about the “One a Day” glass of red wine to balance things.

Wishing you the best.

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VG-My doctor alwasys tells me I do not drink enough of it...but it is pretty daily and looking at the clock I'll have one soon...To your health

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Hey BD,

Had not seen your posts for a while. Glad to see your back and with good numbers!

On the D3, I cut my supplement back to 1K per Moyad. Also, cut all the other supplements back to one "One a Day" every other day ... Moyad indicated a low dose childrens or womans supplement if you take a supplement.

I'm also sticking to a diet very similar to yours ... although yesterday I did have a beer, a scotch, and red wine. I'm heading back north after a month in warm weather and I was toasting the departure (drowning it really).

Thanks for the update.

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Beau2, Yes my surgeon told me just to take a “cheap” multiple vitamin daily as well…and enjoy the beer, scotch and wine. I do the same on occasion….To your health!

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Congrats on your 2 year milestone !! I too am at the 2 year mark and was T3a, very similar to you. Let's continue this journey with years and years of those non detectable readings. Take care and enjoy the day !! Dan

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Hey Dan….Yes, we have some similarity for sure and it appears at this point in time we are truly blessed with our post surgery T3 scores(I seem to remember you had adjunct radiation as well) and our continued less than .1 PSA scores…To your health! B

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