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Rcc contained

live life 4 u
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Joined: Dec 2011

Blessings to all.I am woundering if anyone has had cancer show up any place in the body after Rcc was found contained in the kidney and removed?

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Unfortunately it can happen which is why the smart surgeons are reluctant to guarantee that they "got it all". It only takes a few cells to get around the body (e.g. in the bloodstream) to start something so if there is something about to develop it will be too small to be easily spotted. This is why it's essential for regular follow-ups after surgery so that if there is recurrence the necessary treatment can be given as soon as possible.

The good news is that if the tumour was still well-contained when removed there is a very good chance that there hasn't been any spread. I hope this gives you some comfort.

live life 4 u
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Joined: Dec 2011

I have not had this happen its just one of the many thoughts that run through my head.Thanks (-:

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live life 4 u,

Unfortunately the possibility is a fact of life fr all of us. There are several regulars here that are fighting recurrences as we speak, but there are weapons available now that just a few years ago did not exist. Lets all hope and pray for the day when a magic bullet is found for this and all cancers. In the meantime we must stay vigilant relying on early detection as our best defense.

Continued good health,


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Well, let's see.. As Gary says, there are treatments available that did not exist a few years ago. AND more importantly,new treatments are on their way. So, regardless of what can happen to us, we hang tough. Our "Magic Bullet" is just around the corner. Count on it. Especially immunotherapy. So don't sweat about the risk. Just don't swim in Long Island sound.

live life 4 u
Posts: 25
Joined: Dec 2011

Thanks boys u always make me feel better!

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