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Labs and Bone Scans

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Hello my new friends. What can anyone tell me about their labs and scans? My chest x-ray was clear, but I am going to push for a bone scan. It looks like my renal artery is also clear, but the tumor itself has some necrosis and some calcifications, and "fingers" (YUCK). It is also touching the base of my spleen, and that does give me concern. My appointment schedule for this afternoon was canceled due to an emergency the surgeon had to attend to. Now I have to wait until next Tuesday, but see my oncologist this Friday. I had to get my medical records for my insurance, and it looks like I'm anemic, and my white cell count is low. Thank goodness for Xanax!

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Sharon, you sound like someone who knows what she's doing and if your picture is anything to go by you have a lot to be happy about.

You've come to a good place for moral support and pointers to helpful information. There will be others here more knowledgable than I and who have experience closer to your own who will doubtless be responding soon. Your clear chest x-ray is good news. Whereabouts are you and do you have first class experts on your case whose judgment you can depend on?

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Hi Sharon! Can you give us a bit more info? What was the size of the kidney tumor? When was your surgery? What kind of surgery did you have? Have you had your first follow-up ct scan? Did it show anything? Have you needed a follow-up MRI? Those usually come before the bone scan.

My follow-up ct scan showed kidney cancer gone, but a lesion on my liver (it was nothing). But the follow up MRI to prove that it was nothing showed a lesion on my spine. So now I have a bone scan scheduled for Friday, and it will probably be nothing as well. (Nothing = cyst, mole, fur ball, whatever)

Once you've had kidney cancer, they have to chase down every blip. That means you chase a lot of red herrings, thank goodness.

Since your tumor had fingers, I understand wanting to follow up, but the bone scan wouldn't be the first in that follow up plan.

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Jamie, what's the significance of 'fingers' ? Does this suggest papillary-cell and the likelihood of it being hereditary?

Not another fur-ball! As you say it might not be - it may be a red herring!

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Here's hoping it's a furball Jamie!

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