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Bone Marrow Biopsy this Friday

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Last Thursday I had an MRI done on my knee. Received results yesterday. Small MCL tear that requires surgery. Dr. said that because of "suspicious area" on my MRI above my knee (lower femur), he wants to do a biopsy of my bone marrow while he's scoping my knee. I've been searching the internet for information on bone marrow biopsies and I landed here. After reading some of the posts, I've become decidedly concerned. I also experience severe pain in my hip bone (which doctor thinks to be tendonitis), one finger has been intermittently painful for about 4 months, and I've had a lump in my underarm area for about 8 months (which I had checked by my Gynocologist). Of recent, I've started experiencing pain/pressure in my chest wall area (not sure if its related).

Like I said, after reading some of the posts, it seems as though my symptoms are concurrent with many of those on this site.

What can I expect from the BMB on Friday? I will be under anesthesia (for knee scoping).


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Good luck to you on Friday. I'm unsure about your symptoms but I can tell you about my biopsy experience. I had a BMbx on October 11, 2011 for the purpose of confirming and determining extent of my lymphoma. I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic lymphoma. I found a lump on my arm, near my armpit but more on bicep. Doc suggested removal and things just rolled from there. Treatment for me at this point is watch and wait.

As for the biopsy, you will be under anesthesia so there won't be discomfort for you. I had mine taken from my right hip. I was given a narcotic for pain and something for nerves. I spoke with doctor the whole time and felt lots of pressure but no real pain. I felt like I had a little bruise in that spot for about a week but that was it.

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As long as your under GA you will be fine :) tender after but thats expected. Good luck!

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Since you will be under anesthesia the only thing you might have is a sore spot where you had the bone marrow removed from. Usually in a day or so it will go away. I have found if I move around like walking as soon after as I have had one the pain goes away sooner.
Good Luck

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