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Questions about Folfox issues

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Hi folks, I just had my first Folfox treament last Wednesday. The mild nausea and lack of appetite are still with me, which is already a problem since I am visibly losing weight. My ostomy output is also too high so I called the doctor today and he told me to take Lomotil throughout the rest of today. I felt really dehydrated earlier but after a lot of Gatorade and low sodium V8, I feel a little better. I think I do see IV hydration on the horizon though. What I'm wondering is, which chemo is most likely causing these issues? Since I am already underweight, this pattern won't be acceptible so I'm curious about what changes might remedy this problem. I can't afford to lose any weight.


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Try drinking ensure or boost. It has calories in it and a lot of immune help, plus vitamins. This chemo is hard, especially if you are on oxy with it. Ask the doctor for nausea pills also. There are many out there so if one doesn't work, ask for another. My ileostomy was high output because it was from the small bowel, so losing nutrients was a big problem. Also, try to get vitamins, suplements in liquid form as they absorb better. Hope you feel better soon.


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I had IV fluids with each Oxy infusion...it was the only way I could keep seriously hydrated with the ilestomy running like a faucet. Bananas helped me, but other fruits/vegs caused problems.
hang in there!

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heaps you can do with meds and naturals.

if you can afford it go see the best naturopath you can find.

search on diarrhea and folfox and pete.

i used gutrelief powder, probiotics, and healed the gut between chemos.

goodluck but get advise, don't end up in er like i did before i learned the tricks.


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