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Curcumin effective against psoriasis

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I decided to repost this with its own title as I'm sure that all thought I was responding negatively to Claudia's post about curcumin and taxol. :)

My husband has been battling moderate to severe psoriasis for several years with little success, even trying Enbrel. Enbrel worked some but cost a ton and his insurance company quit paying for it. I recently read on the People's Pharmacy that curcumin was effective for psoriasis. I had a bottle of Super Bio-Curcumin I had purchased for myself but had quit using so he started taking one pill twice a day. Within a week his psoriasis started going into remission. So I can definitely attest to its effectiveness against inflammation. I know this isn't cancer but inflammation is inflammation. This is one product I would definitely recommend and you know I'm a skeptic. :-)

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Hi, hey, I actually saw your post as total support as you gave your affirmation for yet another use for turmeric, and I know you as one to look at things with what I like to refer to as "a clear eye on the subject matter." I always appreciate your input, even though there are times when I find I must read it with one eye closed to soften the reply. Still, all in all, count you as a fellow traveler looking under all the rocks, in the crevices and trees, for the answers that will set us free. Comments are always welcome as we are all continually learning from each other.

They did, after all, find Taxol in a tree. Look how strange that is. And think about weeds, like dandelion. Maybe they grow everywhere for a reason. Maybe it's a hint. The unfortunate thing about finding Taxol in a tree, the Yew to be exact. old Yews were chopped down with a feeding frenzy.

As the patent on Taxol expires, I await with great anticipaton that which will be used in it's sted. Any guesses????

With kindness in my heart, I ask that you keep posting anything you feel might be of interest to others.


To see how far one can get off the subject of cancer in relation to turmeric's other uses, it has been shown to remove amyloid? plaques from the brain and improve the lives of those with Alzheimer's. It is also related to ginger, which has shown promise in treating ovarian cancer.

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It shows great largesse to admit that one was initially a skeptic, but now has some evidence to concede the efficacy of a supplement against inflammation.

Thanks so much for your receptivity and flexibility--which we need a lot more of on this board.


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