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Hey Everyone
First of all I apologise for the erratic post your about to read. I had my Thyroidectomy Jan.10th. Surgeon said all went well. Parathyroids not damaged be out of hospital the next day. Well its now the 13th and i'm still not home they can't get my calcium levels to say up.They've had to switch the iv site everyday because my veins are getting so irritated from all the calcium being pumped into them. they can give me no indication when they will be able to figure it out and i am damn near approaching my limit. Has anyone exprienced this? How long did it take? I have a little boy at home who needs his mommy, and I am very frustrated that this has turned into a nightmare.FYI calicum levels have been around 0.8 today got up to 1.2 and now back down to 0.94. Thank you so much for any input you can give.

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So sorry you are going through this. I did not have an issue with low calcium after my surgery so all I can offer is sympathy for what you are experiencing.

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I too had problems with my calcium after my TT - it took about 3 days to get it sorted so I could go home. I had to stay on calcium tablets once home though. I think you will find that quite a few people have had some problems.

I originally took the calcium 3/4 times per day...thats now settled into just one 600mg tablet at night...

Good luck - hope you get home soon

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Hi Alex,

Are they also giving you a Vitamin D supplement? If not, you can ask for one. You need Vitamin D to be able to fully absorb the calcium. Another option is if you are near a window with direct sunlight you can sit in the sun for about fifteen minutes per day and this will help with absorbing the calcium. If you are able to go outside; that's even better.

You should be doing fine in no time. Your Parathyroids are missing their friend the Thyroid so they are rebelling. In time they will adjust. I know this is very difficult and I sympathize with what you are dealing with. Take time to breath and relax. Use this time to get some sleep and get better.

In my thoughts and prayers,

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I was in the hospital for almost a week due to the same issue, so I can feel your pain! It can get better, but I was on heavy supplements for a few months. One thing that helped at first was magnesium - not sure why, but it helped the calcium 'stick' in my body. I took D, As Julie suggested, as well as calcium and magnesium. Might want to ask your doc about all of those - I can empathize about the vein soreness - my arms were green and blue for about 2 months. OW!

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