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Treating This Is As Good News but now looking at Thyroid

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I have posted a couple of times and I read about every day. Just got my PET/CT results and only one lymph node was positive in but the only suprise my thyroid had uptake and OC thinks it could be thyroid cancer so got to do a needle biopsy soon. Plan is to keep treating the colon cancer because it is more aggressive. I'd have to be off chemo to get surgery for the thyroid and then do radiation for that. Any thoughts on these results?

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Sheesh, hopefully it turns out to be nothing, good luck on your biopsy...keeping fingers crossed for you.

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I could offer some thoughts on it, but I'm thinking because many of us haven't "gone to" the thyroid, that hoping your doctor is off target on this one.
Wish I could offer more. Thinking of you, and sending nothing but positive thoughts your way!!
Winter Marie

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I don't post here very often I just read! I had rectal cancer in 2010 stage 2a. When I finished chemo in Jan of 2011 I had a scan which showed a nodule on my thyroid from what they told me they had seen in an earlier scan but didn't say anything since they had to treat my rectal cancer first. My Onc said that it was propably nothing because alot of people have nodules on their thyroid and 95 percent are benign. I went and had a biopsy and it was thyroid cancer papillary thyroid cancer which I'm sure was probably from radiation. It was stage 1 very small I had my thyroid removed and now am on thyroid medication for the rest of my life. It was really not a big deal!!

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