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Anyone has experience with thyroid cancer treatment at UCSF?

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My wife was just diagnosed with thyroid cancer over the holidays. We'd like to see a doctor at UCSF since we live in the Bay Area and have heard good things about its capability in cancer/endocrinology. One thing we're concerned about is the wait time to get an appointment there. Does anyone have experience with UCSF doctors? How long did you have to wait to get an appointment, and how was your overall experience?

We would have called them up right now if we had the referral. However, my wife was visiting her home country and had the physical exam done there, so I guess we might have to redo all the ultrasound/lab tests etc in the states...

Thanks and good health everyone!

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I have no personal knowledge of the medical facility but did recall reading several posts from a Hurthle Cell cancer patient who was being treated at that hospital. (I was diagnosed with Hurthle Cell July 2009) I have copied one of his posts, I hope it helps. I wish you and your wife the best outcome possible.

That post is as follows:

May 11, 2010 - 1:02am


I posted details of my HCC journey earlier. After I131 last Oct. I had a whole body scan and had uptake in two places--uptake is less likely with HCC but indicated matastisis in a lymph node under my right breast bone and some in my b\thyroid bed which was most likely residual thyroid tissue. I will have another whole body scan in June and a PET scan a week later that along with the 6 monthly blood tests and sonograms are the 4 elements of regular vigilence that are the rountine for now.

As you say, strong self advocacy, vigilence, and good information and coordination between the endo, cancer surgeon, radio oncologist are all critical. My daughter who works at Johns Hopkins researched the best places for HCC and Mayo-MN and UC San Francisco are the best.

Good luck.

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