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I went for all my new labwork ordered by my nephrologist. Eight tubes of blood later and a urine sample, I'm anxiously awaiting the results. There were things checked off on my order that I never knew existed, but the phlebotomist said she probably wants to get a baseline of everything the first time. Another wait and see week...Hope to get some "pretty good" results....I'll settle for pretty good at this point. I know if I have any questions with the results I can count on you wonderful people to help explain. Have a great day everyone....

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Seems like our club members spend a lot of time waiting, I know I have. I'm praying your results are great. Let us know the results.


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8 tubes of blood may seem like alot. Over the past 4 weeks, I think my # is up to about 42 or so. Boggles my mind. Another time I'll mention all my cat, pet, brain and bone scans. And 2 biopsies. I just go through the motions as it is required as part of my clinical trial. I know how you feel about waiting for results. I still keep waiting to be told,"Oops" our mistake. Everything is fine."

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How we're all waiting for you to hear those words!

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You'll want to pay special attention to the results of the creatinine -- that's your kidney function. And even if they call and give you the results, ask them to mail a copy of your lab report to you as well. You need to keep your own records.

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Wishing you lots of good results!

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