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Will I ever get my energy level back?

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I am 7 weeks post-op Hysterectomy and find it difficult just to do everyday things around the house, especially on cloudy days. I had some of this low energy pre-op because of migraines, but it has gotten worse. I am eating healthy, and try to get some exercise. Coffee seems to help sometimes. I also have lost strength in my hands. I find it difficult to open a jar or anything that requires strength. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be very appreciative. Thanks

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Congrats for successfully completing the surgery and getting thru 7 weeks post-op. I do remember even at 4 months still having the low energy level, but know it gets better.

A few things my doc suggested which might be of help to you. Keep the fluids going, add in some Whey protein shakes and don't be limiting on calories. When we're healing our bodies need lots of nutrients to keep the healing process going, and if we don't eat enough we can't heal as quickly. If you can't eat a lot, at least drag it into smaller meals during the day, vs. lots of bigger ones...easier to digest. Lastly, try to get exercise (knowing you mentioned you're doing this). Don't force yourself to be too aggressive, but do some small types of movement such as walking in the malls or in your neighborhood.

Each of us is unique and takes a different time for healing, and you might take longer than others. In the end, you'll be back to a normal self soon. Be patient!!!

Best to you in the new year!!

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Hi Fanniemay,

Keep in mind that you are making a physical and emotional recovery. We sometimes have high expectations of ourselves as women. Thinking we should recover so quickly from major surgery is unrealistic. Be kind to yourself. Don't expect too much of yourself.

Walking, and eating well are great. Loss of strength is a physiological response to the onslaught of surgery and our body trying to rebalance everything back to homeostasis. Just sail along quietly and accept all the help that is offered. Read, watch movies, or whatever gives you a lift but expect to feel weak and sad sometimes. By six months post op you will feel so much better. It is all a question of time, patience and caring for yourself.


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I like your advice, Georgia,

Mary Ann

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I had my first chemo yesterday and I was supposed to have all this energy after they gave me steroids...felt a little better today, but didn't get the burst of energy. At least it is winter now, and by Spring I will hopefully have more energy. Georgia, I have been doing a lot of knitting. Will try to go to walmart tomorrow. I wish all of the stores would have those disinfecting wipes for the carts. Target has them. So many people have the flu....Blessings

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Hello fanniemay
I am new hear. Diagnosed 1 week ago wiht Uterine Leiomyosarcoma (ULMS).
All the year we were told that fibroids - in terms of cancer and malignancy - were benign.
I wish I had known then that in fact 0.2% do beome cancerous and that - if and when it does - it will be the rare but agressive LM Sarcoma. Would have made very differnt choices in terms of treatment I think. I have two sisters who also have dealt with fibroids all our lives.
And it does have a hereditary factor.

I have had to educate myself basically the last week - but I feel that has given me the opportunity to feel more in control (of something which is clearly way out of my control). I can see there is so much conflicting information out there.
Stage 1, grade 3 poorly differentiated and 5.7cm submucous fibroid with malignant chanage. My poor old uterus is being dragged all over the place.

On 19th Jan I will have a Hysterectomy, Scans and blood test show that it has not spread - but of course surgery might show up something else. They automatically take overies and tubes and normally lymph glands.

I have asked that they leave the lymph nodes - test them of course - but do not remove them automatically.

What happens after Hysterectomy? What symptoms does one experience. In particular remvoval of ovaries and tubes and the consequent hot flushes. As I understand there will be no hormone replacment after including foods with phyto oestrogens.

And what of the surgery - has anyone NOT had the overies and tubes removed .... so many what ifs.

I know if I lose weight there will be less oestrogen to circulate and feed the cancer - are there other treatments that help mediate the lack of hormones and hot flushes.

And what is the effect on the vagina - I fear that it will just shut up shop.

Don't sugar coat it - just educate me. All input will be greatly appreciated.

I Will Survive
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Bell-Ella...you said you are Stage 1 but the stage can't be determined until after the pathology report is done following your hysterectomy. Grade can be determined with just a biopsy.

My doctors only believe in removing enlarged and suspicious lymph nodes. With the conventional (not daVinci) method, the surgeon is able to feel the lymph nodes and tell if they are suspicious.

Not removing cancerous lymph nodes is playing roulette with your life, in my opinion. Not sure how soon they can get them tested....if it is like a frozen section, done while you are open in the OR.

Also, a tumor or lymph node has to be of a certain size in order to show up on a CT scan.

I was lucky in that my recovery from surgery was easy. My best advice is to be sure someone is in the room with you at all times. And have that person have written questions for the medical personnel who come to see you.

Vagina still works!

Best wishes.

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Leiomyosarcoma of the uterus is a distinctly different critter than endometrial cancer. It doesn't follow the usual rules. For instance, it isn't estrogen sensitive, and it isnt graded like endometrial ca. How do you know you have LMS if you haven't yet had surgery?

Best to you.

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I have a blog and a Facebook page dedicated to Uterine Leiomyosarcoma. It is filled with positive talk and encouragement - nothing negative or stressful. You can find me if you search Uterine Leiomyosarcoma - Integrative and Natural Treatments. There are many things you can do to support your immune system. I was Stage III and given 20% chance to live 5 years. I have had no recurrence of disease, and it has been 4 years and 9 months. The doctor says, "Remarkable!" over and over again. Blessings to you!

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