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live life 4 u
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It has been a wild ride.I see it as a blessing because I have met some life long friends and a great line of Docs.I am back 2 work feeling 100%better then before.I work out of my home (In-Home Daycare)no time off in that job (; mine was stage 1 grade 2. Size 3 .5 cm and in Oct it was a 2.5 cm.

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Live life 4 u

Sounds like with that pathology report that your chances for a full and complete recovery approach 100%

Best wishes,


live life 4 u
Posts: 25
Joined: Dec 2011

Thank you

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Now if you start playing golf and riding motorcycles your friends here might not be the kind you want to be seen hanging around with.

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live life 4 u,

Sounds like other than the follow-up scans etc. everything is returning to "normal", congratulations on a great path report. If you get bored you can always hang out here and help out with the newbies.


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