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cervical cancer sucks

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I was 35 in 2009 when I was diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer. After numerous tests I had a radical hysterectomy. All went well. I had a follow up with my consultant and again all was well. It was exactly 1 year and on the next appointment while having an examination my consultant found a lump. I had a biopsy which confirmed that the cancer had returned. I went through a second major op, it was like having the hysterectomy all over again. This time this were not so good so I had a course of chemoradiation.

So, it is now Seo 2011 nd my treatment finished back in March. I still have back ache feeling tired and each day is different when going to the toilet is concerned. To top things off I am now going through early meopause and tried things without HRT. Its been hard so have started HRT patches.

I am having regular check ups with my consultant who is brilliant by the way, I have amazing support from my nurse specialist, friends and family. I have down days and I have really good days. As I have always had smear tests I still ask the question WHY? !!!!!!!

Life sucks but we have to face things like this which in the long run will make us stronger and eventually we can stick 2 fingers up to cancer and laugh in its face.

My next check up is in approx 9 weeks and I have my fingers crossed once again. xx

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Your right, cancer sucks! Good to hear you have a good support team. Keeping my fingers crossed that your next check up is clean.

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Curious... was second op a total pelvic exteneration? I had one last may. Your comment regarding bathroom made me question. If so I can tell you it does get easier. Plus if you have colostomy, has your doctor told you if it may be revearsable. I am scheduled for a second attempt at reversal in few months. I do hope you feel better soon. I try to remember on any bad days that any day is better than the alternative. As I was stage 4 and only expected to have 6 most and that was a yr and 5 most ago.

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