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cervical cancer symptoms

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Hi my name is Kate, I'm 20 years old and I've recently been having a lot of problems. I went in for my annual a couple of weeks ago and told my doctor about the symptoms I've been having so she sent me to get a trans-vaginal ultrasound done to make sure I didn't have any ovarian cysts, that all came back fine. However, about a week later I found out my pap smear came back with irregular cells, this has never happened before. I am now scheduled for a colposcopy in a couple of weeks, but I'm really trying to do some research to help me better understand what I'm going through. My symptoms have been for the past 6-8 months, bleeding after intercourse (about 75% of the time), discharge (sometimes containing blood), and serve pelvic pain, especially during intercourse. I've been with my boyfriend for four years and have been sexually active with him for that long and have only been having these problems for the last several months. Does any of these sound like symptoms of cervical cancer, or any type for that matter. Any feedback would really help me out. Thank you so much.

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I have been through dealing with cervical cancer with my wife I hate to say but you do have symptoms but really until they do a biopsy it is hard to make a definite diagnosis. I would push your doctor on this and do not let them drag their feet. I do not want to scare you or be negative but I spent the last 10 months dealing with this. Please feel free to contact me any time either through the board or privately. Good Luck and wish you all the best.


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Hi Kate, These were the symptoms I had. I had invasive cervical cancer at the age of 32 and the doctor wanted to do a hysterectomy- I had a tracehelectomy instead which perserves fertility. A cone biopsy may be enough for some cervical cancers but it really depends on what they find and what kind. If it comes to the point where they are talking about a hysterectomy, please look into the trachelectomy. I had done some research ahead of time and had to ask my doctor for it because she didnt' bring it up. I was the first person in CT to have it done. I wish you luck on your journey and I hope it all works out ok. Keep in mind some people can have abnormal cells and have it be the stage prior to cancer and they can get rid of that very easily. Just do research to be prepared about your options.

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I am 2 months from my 30th birthday. I have not been diagnosed with ANYTHING but increasing symptoms have slowly taken over my life. I have had pelvic pain in the same place in my lower right abdomen for at least 4 years. Because of this, and the doctor's inability to find anything wrong, I feel like every time I see an OBGYN, they completely brush me off. I feel like I'm red flagged as a total nut.

In the last few months my symptoms have really worsened to include other things like foul discharge all the time (I've never had this, since age 11 when I got my period), pain with intercourse and bleeding after, and now, I have this never ending period that has gone from my lifetime average of 3-6 days to 11 or 12 days. It's heavy and dark in color, and so many more big and small clots than ever before.

I have gone into my doctor's office with a list of symptoms, insisted that something is really wrong, but they are always quick to tell me it's normal... blah, blah. I do not feel okay. I can sense that whatever the problem is is getting worse.

How did you get your doctor to take you seriously? If you don't mind me asking, how were you diagnosed and what steps did you take to get there.

Thank you so much.

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I am sorry to say that I was diagnosed very late in the game. I too had severe pain and light abnormal bleeding. I kept going to Dr and they kept telling me it was bladder/kidney infections. This went on for months. I was on antibiotics and even did pelvic floor physical therapy. When not successful, had gyno do a vaginal ultrasound to look for ovarian cysts or endometriosis. Came back clear. Then had pap in June 2010, came back clean. July went in for back surgery when 2 discs herniated. Day of back surgery, had seizure from blood pressure of 210/180. No explanation given. While recovering, I noticed abnormal urination. Went and had ultrasound done. Urologist found 6 cm mass, not sure if it was on cervix or ovary. Went to gyno, confirmed but said she did not think cancer. 2 weeks later second seizure. Diagnosis stage 4 cervical cancer w/ 6 most to a yr. Fortunately he was wrong with that last prt. The tumor had cut off my kidneys which had caused the multiple infections and ultimately led to high BP. So after 20 surgical procedures including 3 nephrostomies for kidneys,I am now cancer free. So if you r still experiencing this pain and getting nowhere, having them checking urine and kidney function for creatnine level is one way to determine if it could be cervical cancer. As pap smears are not always accurate and reliable.

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