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Proton beam therapy? Lookin for info and/or personal experiences.

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Looking for any info regarding proton beam therapy for oligodendroglioma. Has anyone done this?

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I am a radiation oncologist at the Chicago Proton Center.

Oligodendrogliomas are very rare tumors and can span the spectrum of aggressiveness. Oligodendrogliomas typically are more slow growing and usually have a good outcome. The cancer arises from the cells that are the support structure of the brain's nervous system. The olidgodendrocytes are cells that form the insulation for the nerves so that they conduct their message more efficiently. The treatment for these tumors is customized based upon the grade of these tumors and extent of surgical resection along with some genetic markers. It can include chemotherapy with or without radiation therapy after surgery. Without knowing the specifics of the case, I could not comment on the exact treatment necessary. However, if the patient needs radiation therapy, proton radiation would likely provide the best outcome in treatment response/cure with minimization of neurological toxicity. To address your specific question - yes, you can treat Oligodendroglioma successfully with proton therapy.

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My dad has Oligodendroglioma, and we are currently looking into the Proton Therapy in USA (we are from Alberta, Canada) at Massachusetts General Hospital. We called and they sound really positive about the whole process. This, as well as your statement gives us hope. Do you hear of many Canadians come over for this treatment?
Thank you for the hope,

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My daughter has anaplastic astrocytoma 3, she goes to Dana Farber/Jimmy Fund clinic in Boston Mass. I have met many people from all around the country and canada there. The hospitals in Boston are really good and I would never bring her anywhere else. Good luck in your journey and keep us posted

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Could you help me understand the difference between proton therapy and gamma knife therapy. How do you determine which one is indicated and which one would be the most effective. Also, which of these two procedures have fewest side effects. I am told that I have a rare and aggressive meningioma that is growing quickly at my left orbital and within 2-3mm of my optic nerve. Which of these treatments have the fewest long-term side effects.

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I was wondering whether proton therapy could be an effective treatment for someone with primary liver cancer (tumor size 10x11x10 cm as of about one month ago).

Thanks for any thoughts.

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Just brainstorming...

Have they thought of surgery? A single mass in the liver, take it out and the liver will regenerate itself.


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