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Happy New Year

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Joined: Dec 2011

Just before Christmas I was told I had lung cancer. I have not been staged yet, only told T3 and this past week I had the mediastoncopy done and as per the surgeon it went well and looks good. I am going to be very positive while I am on this new journey of my life. I learned a lot during the past 3 years as I am a breast cancr survivor as well. I am not a victim but a great warrior!
My wish for the New Year is that everyone out there find peace of mind, a calm place to reflect, and a cure for this evil. May God watch over us all and be your closest friend. As I embark upon the new year it brings many trails for me. I made a promise not only to myself but to my angel here on earth as well. My angel's name is Blake and he just turned 3. He will tell you that he was sent from God to be with me. Brings a tear to my eye and a special warmth to my heart. I prayer that we all can find that special feeling and moment.
Just live for that day and take as much as you can in. It is a wonderful feeling!
Happy New Year to all and God Bless you!

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Glenna M
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What a sweet and heartwarming thing for a 3 year old to say, brings a tear to my eyes also!

I'm fighting the fight for the second time in 2 years and I don't intend to give in either. I have too much to live for....a loving family and many dear friends. I have a precious 2 year old great grandson who I intend to enjoy for many more years.

I pray we all have a healthy and happy new year.

God Bless

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Just keep fighting both of you. I expecting my first grandchild in March. Someone has to beat this monster. May as well be us.

Hears to a healthy and happy NewYear


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I hope you and everyone who is suffering from this horrible disease has a good year.
What your grandson said is so sweet. Sometimes those little ones can sense when they need to say something cute.
There are wonderful people on this website. Although I lost my husband to lung cancer almost two years ago, I have met some wonderful people on here. There's so much love & support cause we all understand. Happy New Year! "Carole"

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Joined: Jul 2011

Happy New Year to all on this site! You are strength, inspiration and a ray of hope. A year ago this week I was having my fourth and final round of chemo, wondering if I would be here a year later. Every day is a blessing for those of us diagnosed with cancer. Best wishes for 2012!

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