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post chemo pain

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Has anyone found anything that will help the post pain (not sure if muscle or nerve) that oxy causes? My neck seems to be the worst. It can be a real downer! It is hard for people to understand that. I think everyone just thinks I am a hypercondriac. I try really hard to uck it up, but sometimes it is hard.

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First of all, are you getting calcium/magnesium infusions before and after your Oxy infusion ?
I am on a trial down here in Florida where the effects on Nervedamage and Neuropathy from Oxaliplatin are thought to be counteracted with pre and post Calcium/Magnesium infusions. Ask your Oncologist / Research Nurse about that.

On top of that, I am having a daily protein milkshake with a good amount of Glutamine in it. Glutamine is thought to also battle the side effects of Oxaliplatin.

The last thing on my list is a drug called Marinol which has a couple of effects that help as well. (It's THC in pillform). And my Oncologist seems to think that also helps against the nerve pain.

I am quite happy with the results so far. I am in round 5 of 12 and so far all I notice is 3 days of cold sensitivity on fingers and lips. But after that, it's over again.

Of course we all react different to chemo and I may just be lucky so far, but I like to think that my Oncologist has given me options to defend against these sideeffects.

Best of Luck to you and all the best for the coming year !


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I didn't have pain with my neck, but had stiffness and numbness. It was more under the chin and down the front of neck (not the back). During Folfox 7 months ago, I tried accupuncture for the stiffness. Only did it 1 time, but it helped a lot. During the treatment, I also asked for the Calcium and Magnesium before and after the infusions, also had Folfox infusions slowed down to 3 hours, instead of 2. I think the latter may have helped things from getting worse, but I feel that the accupunture helped the numbness and stiffness that was already there.

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glutamine has a lot of reseacrh supporting its use. Where I was treated, many patients were told to take it prior to and during chemo. I've read that it can also help even after treatment ends to reduce symptoms. Good luck! Ann

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