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Husband had 8th treatment , talking about the next step

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My husband had his 8th treatment last week and is doing really well. He CEA is at 9 now. When he first started it was at 165. The oncologist wants him to do a scan on Thursday to compare it to his first scan. He also said that he wanted him to speak to the surgeon about going in and doing a resection.

I asked my husband how did he feel about the surgery. He said that he is cool with it but he is a little nervous. A guy on his job had the same surgery and past away a week later. He did not know his medical history, and does not know what really happen. But he still says that is in the back of his mind.

My position in this is....I told him it is your body and if you do not want to have the surgery then don't. If you do the surgery, you have a good team and I feel like you would be in good hands, we both know with any kind of surgery, risk are involved. So really will respect what ever he decides to do.

Either way it is very scary and we do not know what will happen, only god knows that!

What do you guys think. I just want to be as supportive as I can be. I love him with all of my heart and soul.

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You have given him what he needs, your whole hearted support of whatever choice he makes.

Yes, any kind of surgery has its risks. Yet there are many of us here who have had similar or more extensive surgery and done well. If he is in otherwise good health, the risks should be low.

Surgical removal of the tumor is an important step if it can be done with minimal risk.

My best wishes to you both as you determine a course of action. Just remember, whatever you both agree to, don't ever second guess the decision...no should have's or what if's.


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He is very lucky to have you. Just you being his caregiver is a big plus in fighting this battle. Surgery, while risky, is the best possible outcome if the tumor has not shrunk completely by chemo and if surgery is possible. You said he has a wonderful team of doctors, that is very important. It's ok to be afraid as most of us were. Wishing you both the best and good scan results. Keep us informed.


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How wonderful for him. However, as my onc told me and many others have said the same; surgery is where they cut out the cancer which gives you the best opportunity to become NED (No Evidence of Disease) I had a liver resection, colon resection and ureter resection all at the same time, I was scared before too, it's natural, but 99.9percent of the time, we're going to be just fine.
The fear is natural because we let go of any control of ourselves and we find that scary. That's why you need to make sure you have faith and confidence in your surgeon, it makes it a lot easier.
Best of luck to you both in your decision.
Winter Marie

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