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Stage 4 with liver, lung and brain mets-Cyber Knife or whole brain radiation for brain

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I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in early May with liver, lung and brain mets. Early on I had Gamma Knife for the brain mets and it seems to have worked well. I originally had 9 spots in the brain. This week, I was told that 1 spot has done nothing...not growing, not shrinking. Dr says to watch it. The other two need to be treated either with Cyber Knife or whole brain radiation. The problem is that one of those is very close to the area of the brain that controls the left side of my face and he's afraid I MAY have some impairment sort of like Bell's Palsey on that side. Might not be able to close my left eye, have some slackness and weakness in that side of my face if they treat it again with Gamma, Cyber Knife. I have been told that whole brain radiation always causes short term memory loss and some calculatory function loss. I have to make a decision on which way to go SOON, so any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Anyone who has had experience with one or both? Thanks in advance.

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I have experience with Cyberknife but only in the lungs. I have had it done 2 previous times with 100% success and I am scheduled for my 3rd time the last week of this month. I had absolutely no side effects...got up off the table and went shopping. Long term side effects have been minimal scarring in immediate area. One big reason I chose Cyberknife was because of the percision in which they can get to a "unsafe" area and save a lot of good tissue. Plus...since mine was in the lungs I needed them to be able to treat a moving target with accuracy. Best of luck to you.


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I have absolutely no experience on either of these procedures, but I just wanted to wish you well!! Either way you have a very tough decidion to make, but it is good the doctors are presenting treatment options for you. All the best to you, and may you have the best outcome from which ever treatment you choose.

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Probably they got more experience on that that we have!.
God bless you.

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