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Husband Surgery



  • alexinlv
    alexinlv Member Posts: 194
    buckeye2 said:

    Even if he doesn't make it
    Even if he doesn't make it home for this Christmas but the plan is to have him home for many more after this one. Right now we are on a date at the hospital. instead of a movie, we are watching NCIS and instead of a six pack, we have three oxycodeines. I would say try not to worry but realize that is next to impossible. I will be watching the boards over the holidays. Keep us updated. The best thing I brought from home was a fleece blanket. The hospital ones are not so warm. Lisa

    How's it going, Lisa?
    How's it going, Lisa? Thinking of you and hopin you get home soon!!!
  • tko683
    tko683 Member Posts: 264
    buckeye2 said:

    We are still in the hospital, day 15. Bowels are working but wound is not healing as quickly as expected. Doesn't appear to be infected so that's good. The wound is open to assist in healing from the inside out. It is a huge gaping hole about 6 in. by 4 in. Once Dr. gives the OK, they are going to put a wound vac on for three weeks but that will be at home. Dr. Says he is going to try to get us home by the weekend. I went to the mall today while father in law was sitting with hubby but found little joy in the activity. We have so much to be thankful for that I feel guilty not feeling the "Christmas spirit". TKO and Alexinlv, update us on your husbands as I know they were also scheduled for surgery. Lisa

    I am praying that you will be going home soon
    Hi Lisa,
    Sorry to hear that you are still in the hospital. We had that wound vac put in right after surgery and it stayed in for 3 days....I thought that it was standard to do that for liver surgery. We are 17 days out from surgery and my husband is so much better since we got home. He is finally able to sleep which I think is huge. He is still exhausted but doing so much better....he did loose about 20 pounds over the last 2 weeks though so hope he starts eatting. I was not smart enought to get the hotel room but will do that next time. Sleeping in a recliner is not easy esp. when the nurses come in all night long....so I need some sleep myself. Hang in there, when they start to improve it is steady and amazing. I agree with you about the Christmas spirit....I am having a hard time thinking about Christmas right now....Thinking about you and keeping my fingers crossed that you are home this weekend. God Bless you and your husband. Hugs, Teri