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Quick question...

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I just had my tracer dose of RAI and I have had a severe headach since about 35 minuites afterwards it is going on 19 hours now and tylenol is not cutting it. Is this common? If so.. when I get the higher dose on friday will the headache be worse?

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I don't recall having a headache. It is possible the tracer dose is to blame. It could also be a coincidence. Maybe you should tell your doctor and see if they can prescribe a stronger pain killer for you. If you are going to be home in isolation you won't have to worry about driving or working so Hydrocodone might be an option unless you have every had a reaction to it. There are also medications specifically made for headaches such as Imitrex, but this is usually for migraines.

You are almost done, hang in there. Hope you feel better soon.


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