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Dopamine added to 5-FU?.....interesting article

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"Neurotransmitter might improve cancer treatment:study"

and two similiar articles on tumor/genetic sequencing:




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I find this article very interesting. A while ago, there was discussion here about how the supplement Sam-e, which is a mood enhancer and is available over the counter without a prescription, boosts dopamine & how it can actually be helpful for those with cancer. Another over the counter mood enhancer is 5-HTP- it enhances serotonin levels. Interesting about the Sam-e and dopamine. I take a Sam-e each morning to help keep my mood up (there seems to be no side effects) and especially now ever since I read that it can be helpful in fighting cancer.


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I read the first article and it sounded as though this was advocating doing the exact opposite of what Avastin does. Is that correct? Very interesting if that is true.

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thankyou again,

i have read the research and am applying it to my treatment.

i will ask the lab in greece to the full genetic analysis of my ctc's

dear lisa,

here is a discussion about SAMe benefits.


i am on it still, and now will continue it forward when i restart chemo.

my brute force approach with a range of these botanicals and supplements has benefits and risks. the level of uncertainty with all these supplements is scary. i am still glad i have been on SAMe it may save the day yet! here is hoping.

Dear laurettas,
I too am also often confused, but i am suspect crc is trying to comeback and kill me,, that said if i so will chemo, now if i inadvertly succumb to some other mix of alternative and chemo then so be it.

to cope with confusion i am building up a team of specialists who have a better scientific understanding of the genetic pathways and drug therapies.


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