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Tiny, tiny nodules lower lobe

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Hi everyone,

I have been through kidney cancer with my mom. She had a radical nephrectomy 2 years this past September. When she went for her yearly ct scan last month they found tiny, tiny nodules on the lower lobe of her right lung. The doctor said they will do another ct scan in 6 months but nothing until then. Since her past 3 ct scans never showed these nodules I'm concerned that it is cancer. I'm looking for input from people that have been through this themselves or with a loved one and wondering if the nodules were nothing to be concerned about or were they linked to cancer. I have been through cancer with my husband and mom, as well as a quadruple bypass with my father. Since my parents are divorced and neither is remarried I am the person they both rely on when they have health issues. I may be just borrowing worry that I don't need. I'd just like some input from people in "the know".


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I too had a radical nephrectomy and a few months later the scans showed some tiny lung nodules in the right lower lobe. They were too tiny to biopsy and so we did the watch and wait. The next scan showed some had disappeared and new ones appeared. Ihad a PET scan that did not indicate cancer so we continued with the 6 month scans. Each time - some were there - others were not - new ones popped up - and always tiny. I was told that this is pretty normal for most people (even those without any cancer diagnosis) so I chose just to ignore them and keep on keeping on. Five YEARS later a scan showed three larger nodules(completely different from anything else seen before). Biopsy did confirm RCC.

Now, having said that and undoubtedly scaring you half to death - I will strongly suggest that you not borrow trouble. I don't know what your mother's initial path report showed - nor the size of the initial tumor. But I can say that with RCC - it's always a crap-shoot! Many people will be done with it after the initial surgery. Others - might have a recurrance or two. But truly - you and she need to celebrate TODAY - EACH today - and not get wrapped up in 'what might be'. AND if the 'what might be' does show up - remember that every day new advances and new treatments are being discovered.

I hope you and your family have a peaceful and beautiful holiday season!

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Thank you for sharing. My mom had a tumor they expected to be 10 cm when they did the surgery. After the surgery, the doctor said it was almost the size of a football. It was contained to the just the kidney though. I do try and spend as much time as I can with my mom and enjoy that time together. She hasn't been feeling good for a while so I guess that's why I'm worried about the nodules. Time will tell. Thanks again.

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