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Hi mates it's FRIDAY any interesting plan for the week end ?

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I'm in the hospital nothing important but a bleeding ulcer caused by old chemos hope to be at ohm on monday!

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i hope it goes well, hospitals well enough said!
cannot live without them, but really hate going in them.

i am diving and big xmass picnic sunday.
tomorrow i am meeting a pharmicist who was stage3 who had a vacine made for his antibodies.
they trained his dendric cells to eat his crc, i think thats what i am organising next week.

it sounds like fun.

thats all. i hope everyone has a great weekend.


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Getting ready for suegery next week. Since I have chronic insomnia, I will be looking forward to the nap! Pepe take care of yourself with that ulcer.

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Yipes -- sorry about that bleeding ulcer, dear! Get out of there soon! I just finished hosting an international conference which I've been planning (with colleagues) for months. I'm tired but happy! Seeing two different former colleagues/dear friends who are passing through town on Saturday and Sunday. Really looking forward to that (and some sleep!). Tara

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Kenny H.
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Just finishing up with the outside yard Christmas decorations this weekend.

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Oh Pepe dear, I'm so sorry to hear that you're in the hospital! I hope that you heal up quickly and get back home soon.

I'm hoping to get Rick out of the house so that he can join me in picking out a Christmas tree this year.

Hugs Pepe, Cynthia

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We're babysitting our beautiful 2 year old granddaughter overnight while her parents attend a Christmas party. Also, I'll be tearing the house apart looking for the Christmas ornaments that I put in some stupid place while I had chemo brain last year. Our tree has been up for a week, just not decorated.

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I can't believe you are in the hospital and still worrying about us. You must be one unselfish person. I am here with my husband but he is sleeping peacefully so I am just relaxing. It's a great day. Our two younger daughter are coming up to see their dad and spending the night with me in a hotel. I will make it fun for them. Lisa

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Oh, no Pepe, take care of yourself. So sorry to hear you are in hospital.

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Sorry to hear you are in the hospital---no fun at all! Like Pete said, hope you find a kind, humorous nurse (preferably good looking too!) to help pass the time....
If I hear any good raunchy jokes I will msg them to you :)
Hang tight Pepe
Your Friend in California~

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We are going to see our daughter because she is having her baby shower on Saturday. Our first grandchild...it's these things that keep us going I think!! Hope all goes well with you.

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Sorry to hear that you are in the hospital, Pepe. Hope all goes well and you can go home on Monday.

I am having my own involuntary hyperthermia treatment. Came down with a cold last night and haven't seemed to shake the fever yet. Fortunately Jake is feeling OK because I am worthless!!

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Nana b
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A cookie decorating party in memory of my grandson, Baby J, who would of been eight years old, Sunday, December 4th. The kids have lots of fun. We fill squirt bottles with all colors of frosting and all the kids have a ball. Then we set off the balloons.

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I really pray you get home SOON!

My best weekend plan happened today. My Relay team hosted our annual Breakfast With Santa. So much fun and such a great cause. Pictures up on facebook!


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in playdowns for a team for a major tournament.

And thinking of mi amigo, Pepe. Hoping you feel better soon!


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Hasta manana:)

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Pepe, praying you will be home soon. Take care!

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