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PSA report

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I saw my uro for 6 month checkup before Thanksgiving and got the results in the mail recently. I have been getting PSA of 0.008 since surgery in 2009, but this one was 0.009 which my uro said was good and indicates no cancer, but should I be concerned of the very slight difference?

I am not losing sleep over this, but just curious.


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The standard lower limit of detection (LLD) in PSA readings with clinical significance are for two decimal places (0.XX). Readings below this mark are usually indicated as “<0.01”.
Your 0.008 and 0.009 are both <0.01, and that means that you are in continuous REMISSION since the surgery. Congratulations.

The assays used by your doctor with readings in the three decimal places (0.XXX), may be causing you unnecessary stress. The tolerance in assays can reach the 0.005 ranks in those precisions assays, which may erroneously diagnose a case of recurrence. Apart of that, PSA is also produced in minuscule quantities by other organs which makes it not prostate specific, therefore not totally produced by cancerous cells.

Have a look into this explanation on the matter;

My advice is simple: Enjoy and Celebrate.

(Are we both from 1949?)

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Thank you for explaining the PSA readings. I will check out the link you gave me.
I continually enjoy my remission and celebrate each day. Each day is a gift from God and
I praise Him for that. My prostate cancer radical prostatectomy surgery was March 2009.

My wife and I are both cancer survivors. She had stage 4 melanoma cancer June 2009 on her lungs and esaphogus, but by the grace of God she survived.

Yeah, I was born in 1949.

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