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T3B G9 psa 1.09 Post RP, NOT a candidate for RT?? Anyone had this issue?

bobby g
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I have been reading that if your post RP psa is over 1.0 then they would not consider adjuvant radiation therapy and that HT is your only option...is this true? bobby

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I am trying to understand your question. Are you saying that you have recently had RP after diagnosis with a Gleason 9.0 and your post surgery PSA is greater than 1.0?

Radiation may well be an option for direct treatment of a cancerous area or as a pallitive treatment to releive pain caused by metastisis to the bones.

Of course, the big question is where are they going to radiate? If your scans are all negative but your PSA continues to rise then it's kind of like shooting in the dark unless the pathology of your prostate after surgery suggests the cancer had excaped to the surrounding tissue area.

I would discuss these questions directly with your medical team and seek second opinions.


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I wonder where you have read such assertion. Salvage radiotherapy is the common treatment that follows a failed surgery. In fact, surgery and radiation are the only treatments that can provide a chance for “cure” which makes it always recommended. Hormonal Treatment is palliative and do not eliminate the whole cancer but it can keep it “at bay” for long periods of time.

In high risk patients the protocol for salvage treatments do include a combination of RT plus HT. The hormone portion is started as neoadjuvant, and while on the treatment radiation is applied and followed with adjuvant HT. Why should HT be the only option?

Can you share other information regarding your case? In your other thread (http://csn.cancer.org/node/231088) you do not indicate info required for some guys here to help you in understanding matters of PCa. Age, PSA before surgery, pathological stage, etc., are important aspects for any decision.

The best.

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