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Momsworld--how was your daughter's surgery?

PBJ Austin
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I thought of her all day on the 22nd and I hope it went well. I'm sure you are very busy but when you get some time I hope you can tell us how she is. Hugs and blessings to you and your little girl.

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the surgery was actually sunday. She had a massive bleed in her brain and was med flighted to boston childrens where she had emergency surgery. She was unconcious for 2 days. she has woken up but there are some problems with memory, sight and walking. she is also very combative. the doctors do not know if this will be a permanent change. I came home lastnight because i hadn't slept in days and it has been very difficult to see her this way.
I wish I had better news. please, please, please keep praying for her

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Oh, Momsworld, shocking and so very upsetting! You and your little daughter are going through so much I hate it for you and I hate being helpless to say anything to ease your pain. I too was thinking of you Nd your daughter Ll day on the 22nd and wondering how her surgery went. Never expected something like this. I will keep on praying so hard for you and your daughter.

Love, blessings, peace, and healing to you and your little girl.
Cindy in Salem, OR

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Momsworld, I am and will continue to pray for you and your daughter. God Bless!

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Hi Momsworld-

I am sorry that things do not go as well as we had hoped. They will get better. Once when we were in Seattle Sarah had really strange behavior, right after surgery, and they did a cat scan and they weren't really sure, but thought she had some new blood in the site. The odd behavior went away and Sarah improved and the intern was right - it was because of the blood.
Please know we are praying for you and your daughter. I pray everyday that you see some type of improvement in her. I pray for your strength and hope as her Mama. God is good and all things work together for our good. I will be thinking of you and her today and praying!

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It's so heartbroken to hear about your daughter. I have been following her news and always hope for the best for her and all others on this site!
8 months ago. One of our fellow brain tumor patient friends start to have severe symptoms (seizures, extremely sensitive to light/sound, etc.) caused by hemorrhage. He almost gave up on this fight! But the wife tried so hard to keep this going. She prayed/begged for his strong will of living. Now 8 months later, he is getting better each day!

I pray that you can be as strong as you could for your beautiful daughter. She is so young, younger people have lot better chance.


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I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's current setback. It's got to hurt so much. I will keep praying that things get better.

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Praying for your daughter...

PBJ Austin
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My friend, this is SO not what I wanted to hear. My heart is totally breaking for you and your family. OMG, I just can't imagine how awful this has been for you. I wish I were in your neck of the woods so I could give you a hug or help to ease the pain for you in some way. Just please know that you and your baby are in my heart and of course I will continue praying for you every day.


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I also had hemorrhaging after my surgery last November. They placed some drains in but it never got better. So they installed a shunt, which I still have. I kept messing with the tubes so they had to strap me down. I got quite combative.I don't have any memories from that night for about 5 weeks after that. My poor family sure does though. Today, I feel like I have 100% of my mental faculties in place. Hang in there. I'll pray for you all.

Grace and Peace,

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Hi, Momsworld, I am also praying for you and your daughter. My husband has been fighting for Grade 3 glioma for the last 3 years. He was on Temodar for last 3 years and in the beginning of this year, temodar stopped working and the tumor started to grow with some hemmorrhaging around it.Surgery seemed risky at that time and the doctors at Mayo clinic at Rochester tried CCNU chemo and it seemed kept the tumor at bay for the last 8 months. Yesterday the MRI showed a larger cavity of hemorrhaged/fluid filled cavity which started to put pressure on the brain. The doctors recommneded surgery to reduce the hemorrhaged area telling the risk of letting it get bigger can cause my husband to slip in to coma. He is doing failry well, no tbig sumptoms other than a minor headahes when he wakes up which was explained as due to pressure to the brain in the sleeping position. Anyone has any experience of dealing with hemorrhaging due to radiation or chemo?

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I will continue to pray for your daughter as well as for you! Please keep the faith! I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better, but just know you have a lot of people praying!

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