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Posts: 509
Joined: Aug 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite people in the world! Keep on Fighting!

Posts: 121
Joined: May 2011

you too, now, it's about that tat.

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Glenna M
Posts: 1576
Joined: May 2009

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. As Medi says...keep on fighting so we will all be here next year to wish each other another wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Stay strong,

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Posts: 73
Joined: Jun 2011

Thank you, same to you!


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Joined: May 2010

Wishing all of my buddies all the best this Thanksgiving. I am thankful for THIS day of my life and each one that I am blessed with after.

Posts: 220
Joined: Dec 2009

....To MY second Family..... You guys said it all, what wonderful people .... LUV you all ....... Dan

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Joined: Sep 2006

Back at you sweetness.

I have enjoyed your humor, your eclecticism, your observational abilities, and your strong spirit for what feels like years now. I don't get all schmaltzy, but I am glad when I come in and find that you are still here (that sounds horrible, I know :)).

I am hopeful that you enjoy the holiday with family and friends, medi, and that we get to spend this intimate time together for many thanksgivings to come :).

That goes for the rest of you ladies too, but um, not Alan and Dan, sorry dudes, um,, happy thanksgiving anyway :).

Take care,


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