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Colorectal Cancer -> Lungs -> Brain

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Hi Everyone,

My mum was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer about 4 years ago, she underwent chemotherapy and all was well till she had a second relapse about 2 years later. Later on it spread to her lungs, and it has now spread to her brain as well. She hasn't spoken to me much about it but I have a feeling radiation or chemotherapy isn't working any more for her.
I read this article: http://www.asiaone.com/Health/Wellness%2B%2540%2BWork/Story/A1Story20080527-67251.html
About cryosurgery and my parents are thinking of flying to China maybe next month or so to try out the treatment. I'd like to find out if anyone has tried this treatment and if it will be effective in my mum's case? Also if there are any other alternative treatments and solutions please share them with me for I am so very desperate.
I'm only sixteen this year and I don't want to lose my mum already! :(


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If you "google" Cryotherapy, you'll find that there are many clinics
and care centers that use that technique right here in the states!
Of course, you didn't mention where exactly you are, but I'm sure
that the science is used in whatever area you're in; flying to China
may not be necessary! (I'd go anyway, if i could afford it).

They've been freezing warts for years, to get rid if them! The new
technology that allows a more precise targeting of the instruments
used, allows for the freezing solution to be more accurately placed,
thereby allowing the use of that freezing remedy to be used on
areas once impossible to reach into.

As far as alternatives?

I'm a strong advocate for Traditional Chinese Medicine, but when
cancer drags out too long, and the chemicals used in conventional
treatments take the immune system and body to a new low, TCM
is going to be facing a major challenge with trying to treat it.

Using any "alternative" while the body strong enough for a major fight,
is great!

But once the body starts showing the toll of chemicals and radiation,
and becomes too weak, expecting too much out of a modality that
is not as harsh as chemo, etc, may be simply asking too much.

You see,TCM (and many alternatives) use the body to do the fighting;
the treatments are only to help the body do the battle. TCM will
help build up the immune system, and get the body's organs working
properly, to hopefully fight the ills of cancer (and the cancer cells).

Chemo, etc., doesn't use the body, it uses the chemicals to kill, and it
kills good cells along with the bad. It's great when it works, and many
here claim it works. I personally have never used those modalities,
so I can't speak about their value, with exception to those that I personally
know, that it has failed for.

Do some research for local clinics using Cryotherapy,and relay that info
back to the rest of the family. You may save them making a major trip,
but then again, she might receive more types of associated care in China!

That technology may very well be what will save her!

My best wishes to you and yours!


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I don't know anything about this treatment, but I was watching our local news yesterday and a patient with brain cancer was interviewed about a new treatment he is undergoing. The treatment is Immunepherisis and it is done in Germany at International Immunology Foundation which can be found on the internet. The website provides info about the treatment. If any other members have heard of this, perhaps they can reply.

Best Of Luck,


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No sixteen year old should have to lose their mom. I hope your mother's condition stabilizes so that you have many more years together. Lisa

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