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16 chemo infusions, clear CT!

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Just wanted to share with my "survivors" on ACS that I had my CT scan on Monday November 14th and my doctor reported to me yesterday that my CT scan was "clear"! I am so happy. I am on a clinical study. I was diagnosed June 2010, peritoneal cancer. At that time I had a full hysterectomy, followed by taxol/carbo/avastin. I had that regiment for 6 months, then went on Avastin for maintenance until Oct 27th, 2011. It has been a long haul. I still have several side affects, aches and pains....and bowel problems. I am going to see a GI doctor to determine if it is from chemo/avastin. I still lack energy...but, hopefully with each passing day that too will eventually come back. I know the set backs of this type of cancer, but, for now I am rejoicing....and wanted to share my good news. My family started a Caringbridge for me when I was first diagnosed...if you would like to follow my progress, it is: www.caringbridge.org/visit/carolynhoffland
Also, I will continue for cancer care with my doctor for 5- 10 years. They did not remove my port just in case of re-occurrence. We have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Season! I pray for everyone in this "sharing circle" a blessed Thanksgiving. Gods Blessings....

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So so happy for you, long may you continue to stay well, really good to hear happy news today X

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Tina Brown
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Great news and I am so pleased for you

Tina xx

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Hello Carolyn

I was diagnosed in September 2010. Had hysterectomy, de-bulking, 6 chemo's and fortunately that was enough for me. It was a long haul like you say as I was plagued with bowel and blood clot problems throughout treatment. Still, I got through it and returned to work as an Paediatric Audiologist in May and despite the longer lasting effects like yours (aches,pains,fatigue,"delicate" bowel)I am doing ok. It's so good to read stories like yours and indeed others on here as it inspires me and certainly gives me hope for a positive future. I really believe that a positive attitude helps keep this nasty at bay.
I recently returned from a visit to see my beloved sister in Connecticutt and met with her little grandson which was something I didn't think I'd be ever fit or well enough to do.
The more I read here about ladies making such fantastic progress the more I believe in positive managability. Yes, we have to be realistic about re-occurance but it helps me tremendously to be among such survivors or as you so pleasantly put it, a sharing circle!

Well done you and wishing you a happy Thanksgiving. Although not celebrated here in the UK, I shall share the sentiment; I have much to be thankful for.

Best wishes,

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That is wonderful news, Carolyn. What a wonderful Christmas it will be for you and your family and friends. Keep this kind of news coming!

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Congrads on the great report. I'm sure you are estatic and relieved. This will surely allow you to take a deep breath and enjoy that Thanksgiving meal and family even more. Bless You and I'm happy for you.

Take Care & Smile (Life is good)

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