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Linda P

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Double Whammy
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There's a new post from Linda's daughter on the UPSC thread that she passed away this morning. I'm in tears.


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Thank you Suzanne.I'm just in shock, without words...she lived large to the very end, a life well lived.

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I am so so sad too. I don't post often but she was my first contact on this board. She finished her first line of chemo when I was just beginning mine. She held my hand all the way.

I will certainly miss her but am comforted to know her family was with her and that she is at peace and without pain. God bless her and her family. She shared her life and her journey as only she could. It was truly appreciated.

May God bless each of you. This is a tough journey for all of us. Now I know why they call us warriors.


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I am shedding tears too. When I first joined these boards, Linda's posts were the first ones that I read. She was so positive and strong, and I knew instantly that I had found the right place to share my fears, my joys and my journey through this dreadful illness.

Linda was a true example of heroism and courage. We meet very few people like Linda in a lifetime - she will be greatly missed. I am comforted that she was surrounded by family and friends in her last days and managed to "live large" until near the end.

My thoughts and prayers are with those she left behind. May they take some comfort from knowing that so many people held Linda in their hearts and will do so, always.


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I just read this on the UPSC thread and pasting here:

Sad News

It is with great sadness that I make this post on behalf of my Mother, Linda Procopio. She passed away today after her long fight with Uterine Cancer. The Cancer Survivors Network Community provided Mom with wonderful support and my family is eternally grateful to you.
Mom was blessed to be surrounded by our family as she passed and knew how loved she was in this life.
Our family will keep each and every one of you in our prayers.

Linda and I started this journey with UPSC about the same time in 2008. I found her in March 2009 and felt close to her - always eager to find out what was happening with her. I really appreciated her caring for other women, her passion to search out information and how she shared her experience in such detail with us. She sure was a beautiful person who leaves a rich legacy here and on this earth. I'm glad she's no longer suffering

God bless Linda, her family, and all dealing with suffering. Mary Ann

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I have not posted for a while but like many, I have been following Linda's journey. You are right about her incredible passion and curiosity for getting to the bottom of things. She also had a gift for sharing intimate details in a practical but caring way which I found so helpful. I admired her too for her obvious enjoyment in living her life with her family so fully while courageously dealing with this complex disease.

I came to this discussion board less than 12 months ago. The thing that impressed me so much was the intelligence and sensitivity of the women including Linda who wrote so honestly about cancer and how it affected their lives. The posts are not sensational but respectful and deeply sensitive. It is a privilege to be part of this beautiful community of women. Vale Linda.

Cindy Bear
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I've already posted on the ovarian board but just wanted to say How saddened I am at Linda's passing. She was a bright light in the dark sky that is cancer. She has left a rich legacy of research, personal experience, love and support. I can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact she's gone. Yes I know she was very ill, I know nobody can survive long without liver function but it still seems so surreal. I came to these boards in 2009 very angry, cynical, stunned. I had just lost my mother to uterine cancer. 4 mos. into treatment.. Linda was the first person to reply to me and she'll always hold a special place in my heart. My condolences to her family and friends, and to you her cyber sisters. I know how much you loved and admired her. RIP sweet angel.

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I'm deeply saddened to read this as with many, Linda was such a great inspiration to endure life, no matter what was in the pathway. Even at the end Linda was bound and determined to enjoy her Thanksgiving with the family, even when family took off work and wished to hold the event prior to Thanksgiving.

She'll be truly missed, but know she has left such a mark on each and everyone of us. Bet she's watching down on us today and onward...

Blessings to her family!

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Linda was the first contact I had when I joined this board in 2009. I had just been dx with stage 3 and was scared to death. Although everyone was very understanding and helpful. Linda always made you feel better and seemed to have done a great deal of research etc..I was so saddened to hear that she passed. I know she thought she would make it to Thanksgiving but I guess God had other plans for her. I will miss her and her down to earth..no holds barred answers and information. She is one of the bravest women I have ever come across. She lived these last few years on her own terms and made the most of it..never letting cancer stop her from "living" her way.
I have not posted in a while but I do read the boards every day to see how everyone is doing... I treasure everyone of you and keep you all in my prayers.

Linda will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and all her friends on these boards.

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Very very sad to hear this...I've been reading her old posts and learning so much from them. I hope she realized how much she helped others and will continue to do so well into the future.

To Linda's family - I'm so sorry for your loss. Take comfort in knowing that she helped so many of us. Also know that she spent much of her last few weeks posting on the Ovarian Board and there is a huge thread called "Linda P Where are you?" that contains her final posts.


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Linda was truly an inspiration to me. She accepted her disease with dignity and courage. She was always there with a wealth of great information and an encouraging word. I will miss her and her many posts. She was truly a courageous UPSC warrior fighting a long a difficult battle. I do not post often but read this site daily. Linda responded to almost all of my posts. She will be greatly missed.


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She was Linda until the very end – she did not linger beyond her time to show people how to live. If Linda was about anything it was about extracting every last juicy morsel from her time spent on this earth, enjoying it and sharing it with family, friends … and her fellow sisters here on the board. Her cancer journey opened the door to allow us into her life. Sadly, without the cancer, none of us would ever have known her.

Linda never accepted the status quo. She started this Uterine discussion board so we would have a dedicated space to discuss our unique issues. At times I was annoyed that she wanted to call the shots and control our discussions– but it was her ‘baby’ and she wanted it to be a welcoming place, particularly for the newbies in that most fragile moment in time. We can all recall the moment when we first heard the “C” word and had to realize it had become an integral part of the fabric of our lives and they would never be the same again. It was my frantic Google search after my first recurrence was confirmed that picked up Linda’s UPSC thread and I found my way here. Linda had just received the news that she was experiencing her first recurrence as well, back in the Fall of ’09. I am so thankful this board was here. I have learned so much from all the shared knowledge and experience and so appreciated the support I have received. Let us continue to move forward in that spirit.

We have lost our founding sister. May she rest in peace, having left this earth a better place for having traveled it.

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So sorry to hear the news that Linda passed away. I am fairly new to this site but have read most of her post and she always had such an uplifting spirit. She was very welcoming to all the ladies and the few gents that posted her. She and her family are in my prayers. trish

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Thanks for saying such beautiful things. Though cancer is the scariest thing that I have had to deal with, it has brought beautiful things into my life - like Linda. I feel blessed to have known and loved her.

What an example for me on how to live - and die.

Hugs to all, dear sisters. Mary Ann

PS, She has a blog on Caring Bridge under "lindaprocopio". Though I have not read the whole thing, I'm sure it details her cancer journey. Her husband, Vic, just posted there about her death. What a classy family!!!

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There are people who enter our lives that we "just know" and people who hit us in a good spot -- "the heart". Linda was "the heart" person who has truly touched my life. I've learned from her and hopefully can give this same great touching to many others during my life journey.


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Thank you Suzanne for informing us of Linda's passing. I am in shock and surely will miss her posts.

She was a real trooper and a blessing to all.

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As we eulogize Linda, I think it's good to reflect on what she learned and her philosophy. This is directly from her:

What have been the most important things that have helped you through your survivorship?
I have wonderful support from my family and friends. I do a tremendous amount of research on my cancer, and on the drugs I am prescribed or that I learn others with similar cancers are taking, and I actively advocate with my oncologists for aggressive treatments. I make myself eat right, sleep a lot, and stay on top of good bowel function, and I try to maintain a positive attitude. I have continued to work every day (www.procopiofundraising.com) and that has been very therapeutic. I live in the "now" with much joy.

What have you learned from your experiences that you would like to share?
Facing your own mortality is a GOOD thing. Everyone should realize that every day is precious and that love is to be expressed and shared openly.

Are there positive experiences you would like to share?
This Discussion Board has been a wonderful. It provides the opportunity to compare treatments and emotions with others going through exactly what you are going through, and to vent in a safe environment without the filters needed when talking with family and loved ones, where your thoughts can add to their pain and worry.

And you can have a good quality of life even when you are in active treatment for cancer.

What else would you like to tell us?
Cancer treatment is do-able, more do-able than television programs would make you believe. You can be in treatment for cancer and still feel joy and contentment, if you let yourself. Speak up to your oncologists; let them know your symptoms and treatment ideas. You are an important member of your Cancer Recovery team.

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Mary Ann:

Also, look on her expression page. She tells a great story and shows photos of her grandchildren.

I am sorry for your loss too, Mary Ann. You have journeyed together with Linda.

((Hugs)) to you.


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Linda was my hero. She was always so positive, inspirational, showing us grace and dignity. she lived life to the fullest, and always encouraged others to do the same. Linda and I started our journey about the same time, although I did not find this site until January 09. Our stories and diagnosis were so similar. I too was diagnosed with stage III-C UPSC. My journey has not been as difficult as Linda's was. I so appreciated all of her research and sharing all of her experiences. Linda will be truly missed but not forgotten. Her family will remain in my prayers.

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I just got on the UPSC website and saw that Linda P. passed away this morning. I am so sorry and saddened to hear that she passed away. She is now at peace. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. As I mentioned to you in my previous e-mail, I did not know Linda, but saw a lot of her posts and she was very inspirational and so knowledgeable about UPSC. I know a lot of women here on this board knew her and she will be greatly missed.

Also, let me know how you make out with your doctor's appt the end of this month. I wish you all the best.


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Teresa 61
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Linda was my hero too. My journey with uterine cancer started December 2008.Linda's post have always given me courage, she was and always will be an amazing woman to me. My thoughts and prayers to her family,Linda will be dearly missed.

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I am so sad to have read the news, thank you Linda and I will miss you but will never forget your post and smiling face.

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I am so sad at Linda's passing. She was a wonderful lady.

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we have lost such a wonderful sister, it's difficult to add anything more to what's already been said about her. she was also my first contact in 2009, and i followed her journey and wisdom avidly. she meant so much to so many of us, and was so selfless in her sharing of her process and advocacy for us. it's unbelievable that she is no longer amongst us. may her memory be a blessing.

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I wasn't expecting this, and I don't know why. I guess I am stupid. In one of her last posts she was talking about passing, but I just didn't believe it. I am so sorry Linda. It is such a cruel world out there. I hope she went to a better place. Pat

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Sad too, and I didnt even know her that much but read her posts, they were so encouraing anyhow! She was a strong beam of light. Be in peace. As she said "Even in darkness there are stars".

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I am so deeply saddened. Linda has left us a great legacy with this blog. We'll miss her so. Barbara

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To Linda's family, thanking you for letting us share Linda. Brave and strong, she sent me off to add to my research, get off the couch, go to work, join life, and have a means to talk as my family can't with me. Bless you sweet Linda who gave me the chance in these posts to learn and grow. Your posts will continue to support your sisters.

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To Linda's family and friends: Linda was a beacon of courage and cheer, living life with gusto until the very end: what a "profile in courage" she carved for us all.

We are so enriched by having known her, and I send my deepest sympathies to you, her family, with the reiteration that she leaves a lasting legacy.


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When I saw Linda's name show up on her row call thread I did not expect it to not be her. It was a shock. And from her caring bridge entry on the 13th , I'm hoping her passing was a surprise to her as well and she went painlessly .

Linda was a proactive pioneer and her red haired beautiful smile will always be linked to my cancer journey forever. Remember the picture of her pointing to her bald head with that you can do this smile ?

Thanks for the caring bridge link Mary ann.

My condolences to her family, may you be comforted.


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Sara Zipora
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I am so sorry to hear about Linda's passing. She went thru this challenge with head up high , eyes open and a superhuman will to give of her strength to us all. May she find eternal rest and may she continue to be a beacon of light to her family and us all.

Sara Zipora

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Beautiful sentiments!!

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Posts: 1493
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Beautiful sentiments!!

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I am so saddened to read about Linda's passing. I learned so much from her, especially in the beginning of my journey. Her posts were my "go to" posts when I had questions or concerns. Linda, you will be missed terribly.

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I am very sad. May she rest in peace.

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