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Phil had his first set of scans yesterday since surgery in March. So this is my first experience with scanxiety! He had pre testing but fortunately (or unfortunately) early on I was not as aware of just how important these were.

How long does it take usually to hear from your onc? He has his last chemo scheduled tomorrow so not sure they will call or maybe just catch us there. His bilirubin is 1.4 hince the scans but talked to our oncologist and FL (currently being treated back home in WV) and he did not seem too overly concerned. Still very nervous. Stephnaie

Brenda Bricco
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I know how anxious it can be waiting for results but try to think positive. Where we go we stick around for a couple of hours for results. I hope it all comes out great! God's blessings.

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Most of the time the onc will consult a week or so after the scans are done. Although the results are done much quicker. You can request a copy of the CT results so that you can read them. Although, sometimes the report can be misconstrued from the verbiage being used.

Try not to worry. What's done is done with this scan, so it can't be changed. This chapter is already written and I'm hoping it is all positive news for you. I know this is all so new to you, and I remember having similar thoughts as you.

Having come through cancer for the 3rd time and waiting for my 'then' CT results, I was apprehensive about what the outcome was, but surprisingly calm. I guess I've just been through this so many times with these 3 recurrences.

I'm actually having a brain MRI this afternoon to rule out mets to the brain. I get the scan today and meet with the doc an hour afterwards. I'm not really feeling anything - I guess, because I suspect all is okay, but we're investigating after the terrible dizzy and vertigo spells I just had for a couple of months.

I'm at the 7.5 year mark, but the book I wrote has put me back in the newcomer's shoes and I had to put myself back in your place (just starting out) to get my perspective back to someone who is just starting out. Talking with new folks like yourself always keeps me grounded and rooted in the fact of what it was like to just be getting started.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the outcome you and Phil are hoping for! I want that for you!

You will let us know, won't you?


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In most cases the scan results are available the next morning or within 48 hours. My doctor won't call, it's just their policy, but an appointment is usually set up for a week later. Good luck on the scans. Please keep us informed.


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I will post when we know something. Thanks again for listening. Sundance I'll certainly whisper a prayer for your results! Stephanie

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