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Mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota

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Anyone ever been there ? My doc here in northern California said this place has better success with ptc. Anyone comment on if it's worth going there ?

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I have been going to Mayo since September 2009 for my thyca issues. I mainly went because I was getting second opinions about whether or no to have external beam radiation (EBR) to my neck since my tumor had been adhered to my trachea and RAI has a hard time infiltrating cartilage. It's very rare for a thyroid cancer patient to need EBR. I ended up getting my six weeks of treatments done with Dr. Foote. I also need chemo now and see a great doctor there named Keith Bible. He is advising my local oncologist and has been involved in a few thyca trials at Mayo. Chemo usage for thyroid cancer is a very new field - and most thyroid cancer patients won't ever need chemo unless they become iodine resistant, which I have.

I've seen about three of their endocrinologists (Bahn, Gharib and Morris) though I believe that Hay and McIver are more known for the thyroid cancer aspect.

The place is huge but they do an excellent job of making you not feel so much like a number (though you do get a number). If you do decide to go, note that it's far less expensive to fly into Minneapolis and take a shuttle van to Rochester than it is to fly directly into and out of Rochester.

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Do you know if this Mayo clinic will do anytime of online consult? I'm at a point in seeking treatment for reoccurrencs and kind of want second/third opinions. Problem is I live overseas, so flying over for a visit isnt feasable.

Can you recommend the best doctors to contact there?



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I live in Alaska so I felt pretty far from MN, too. In my case, I was asking about external beam radiation so I contacted that department - via their online appointment request portal, I believe. The department's patient coordinator sent my questions (with some background medical information I'd provided - medical records/history) to a doc that specializes in head and neck cancers and he actually provided a response to the coordinator via email which was forwarded to me. It was a recommendation based on the background into. I followed up with an in-person consult - well consults in the plural really, because they had me see someone in endocrinology as well. They can't really do a true consult without seeing you, I think, but I am not totally sure about that.

They have a lot of international patients. I met a guy there who had come from the middle east for treatment. Mayo must be set up to help with initial contacts/consults at a distance. You may want to just start with the endocrinology department and contact them to find out how if might work.

I think Dr. ian Hay is a biggie in thyca treatment and research there. (I have not seen him though. My endo there is John Morris).
Best to you! wish i could be of more help.

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You have been a great help - thanks. I will make some enquires tomorrow.

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If the problem is money, you can ask the American Cancer Society to help you with flight fare and hotel accommodations. This is one of the reasons we Relay For Life. These funds go toward helping cancer patients that need to get to their destinations for the best help. It couldn't hurt to inquire.

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I was diagnosed in 2002 and have been seeing Dr. Vahab Fatourechi, Dept. of Endocrinology, for approximately the past five years. I HIGHLY recommend this doctor and institution! After four surgeries and two (150 mc each) doses of I-131, I recently underwent alcohol ablation (with good results) for persistent recurrence. In MN where I reside, Mayo was and is the only site where this procedure is performed. I am humbled every time I return and only wish everyone could have the opportunity to be treated here.

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HiMarin. I had my surgery at the Mayo (Rochester) in 2006. I drove up there again just last week. I too HIGHLY recommend the Mayo Clinic. My experience has been very good...ALL the drs are very professional, kind, considerate and take the time to answer all of your questions AND address your concerns. All of which I am not accustomed to here in my home state.

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