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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia-Age 17

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Hi, my name is Jessica Hawkins and my cousin Daniel was just diagnosed with A.L.L. at age 17. As if this wasn't bad enough, him and his family had been through this same exact cancer diagnostic with his sister at age 5 (around 7 years ago). They are at an all time low and need all the help they can get. However, the reason I am writing this is because as a 17 year old, it isn't easy listening to adults trying to talk to you--we know they mean well, but we would love for him to get a point of view of someone who has been in his shoes.
I wanted to know if there was anyone out there around the Inland Empire, that have been through, going through, or just recently diagnosed with this horrible disease that would be interested in having a friend to talk to and even maybe help him understand and stay positive about this path he is about to go down. Please, if anyone is interested send me an e-mail at Jessadenise@gmail.com

Thank you so incredibly much for listening.
God Bless.

My deepest regards,
Jessica Hawkins

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Hi Jessica, i live in the inland empire and my husband has ALL too. Its been a year since we been doing treating through the VA hospital and i know what your going through and your cousin. It's not easy for anyone at any age to have this. My husband is 25 and and 24, it has changed our lives forever. If you ever want to talk or anything please feel free and email me or if you have a number to reach you at we can also text or talk cuz i could use friends and support to get through this. We can help and support one another..just know you are not alone in this horrible crisis. I'm sorry to hear about it and know how difficult it is. I'm here to listen and help if you ever need it so hope to hear from you soon.

Your friend Ambi. :)

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My dear loved one; Oh My Dear God, Do I know what you guys are going through. Monday 11/28/11 my sweet daughter 45 years old was dx with ALL. We are all heart broken and I mean heart broken I can feel pain in my heart. So I do know what you are going through. She is waiting for final results and will by next week start an induction therapy. Please Ambi I beg you please write me and tell me about the chemo and what to expect. We are Jehovah's Witnesses so we are never going to have blood transfusions and stem cells. We will be using a lot of natural medicines to build up the blood and put our trust in our Great God. I do hope you all are holding up. Medicine is great these days and I do have confidence that we will all get through this especially since you are all very young. Love and peace to you all. Please be careful care givers you too have to take care of yourselves. I await your comments and I will keep you all in my prayers. bye for now. J

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Hi I'm a 23 year old with ALL currently in maintenance therapy. I'd love to share my story with someone who has been through it or is going through treatment. My email is allenhanxiao@gmail.com.

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I am so sorry you are dealing with another member of your family who has leukemia. I can only imagine how tough it is for you to deal with this again. Who do you have to talk with about Daniel? Do you have someone who you can talk with? Family, friends, this forum?

Are you able to visit, talk or e-mail Daniel? Do you have plans to visit or talk with Daniel sometime soon?

You mentioned the Inland Empire, are you referring to Washington state? Is Daniel at Children's in Seattle now? If he is at Children's, is he able to talk with the other teen's at Children's? Can he get online and join this forum? I wonder if that wouldn't help him the most. If he is going to be in Seattle, will he be staying at the Ronald McDonald house there? I don't know whether it's possible for Daniel to be around others, but perhaps he could visit or speak with some teen's at the Spokane Ronald McDonald house.

Jessica, can you talk about Daniel's sister? If she is alive, is she able to talk with Daniel?

I have friends whose daughter was diagnosed with A.L.L. at age 5, and died at age 11. There second daughter died at age 26, two years ago. So very sorry for all the pain your families are going through.

It sounds like you care about Daniel, and I am glad he has you for a cousin. So very sorry for all the pain your families are going through.


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