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celebrating a year here, a year since surgery 7 november, and a year since my lost at sea rescue story went viral

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Dear CRCs and supporters,

just thought i'd mark the occaision.

time flys when your getting treatment.

sounds strange but its been a great year, hoping the next one is better.

here is the nbc story of my lost at sea rescue and bowel cancer

here is the abc story of my lost at sea rescue and bowel cancer

they both have a dash of bowel cancer prevention thrown in.
both the stories were shot a few days after coming home from surgery, i was in hospital for 19 days, 14 without food.

i put this up along time ago, we have had many newbie's since, thought it might be nice to explain why i am the way i am!


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Congrats on marking one year!! May you be posting and celebrating anniversaries for years to come!!
yoga jo

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A year already - congratulations.


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I hope we all share out healing journeys together day by day

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I must have missed that the first time around. Remarkable story. I only went scuba diving once in the Bahamas and it was fantastic. We did a short course then went out to a reef under 25 feet of water for about a half hour. Lots of colorful fish, a wonderful experience.

I have to tell you Pete, I've never experienced you so clear in a post ;-)
It's great that you used your 15 minutes of fame to help others. Awareness is SO important with cancer. I know that I've been instrumental in at least 20 people getting colonoscopies . Thankfully everyone passed with flying colors.

Congrats on your anniversary Pete! Many more...

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sport ahead mate!

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Kenny H.
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Happy annaversary Pete. Many more to come.

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Very good story. Life has been interesting for you. Attitude is what makes things good or bad. Keep up the good attitude.
Best Always, mike

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your story with this newbie. Simply amazing that your camera was found all those years later. Pictures and story were very inspirational!

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Congrats on your first year Anniversary and wishing you many,many more.
Enjoyed your story. What an adventure that must have been.
It makes me re-evaluate myself. What more can I do to bring awareness to crc?
I've tried and succeeded with only a few. It's always astonishing how many people just don't take it serious and put off that colonoscopy.

Brenda Bricco
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Wow Pete,that is an amazing story!
I have to ask what you were most afraid of when you were stranded? I was snorkeling in Cozumel one time, not paying attention to how far I was swimming and drifting. I looked up to find that I was a LONG way from where I was suppose to be. :/ Instantly I was afraid of sharks! I don't want to drown but I really don't want to feed the sharks. :/
Do you ever get the feeling that everything happens for a reason??? I sure do. :) Glad you made it and are still making it. God's blessings!

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Happy "Anniversary," Pete!


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waiting while Robert was getting Cyberknifed, and your story was on the tv. I wasn't paying much attention to it, as I was preoccupied with worry for Robert. I never put two and two together until now. Amazing story


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thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks.

the gawler foundation suggested "telling your story" on this retreat i attended recently,

i had this flukey opportunity to tell mine a year ago and did.
it was a bizzare urgent to tell mine, it cost me my relationship with my sister, i have not spoken with for a year and we were really close. the media attention came and went like the tide but i learned alot from the experience.

i think of my message of health and hope in 5 minutes across the usa, actually the whole world. i had a big ego of a few seconds for my achievement, i was proud i used the media as much as they were using me.

Then realised just how many minutes a day does fast food for example get everyday in the media. they are making far more crcs than we can save or warn everyday.

it was good for my sole, my emotions and helped me process all i was feeling.

the tv, the radio, the newsprint and the internet and still makes me feel humble.

we all have our stories, tell them if you can. you can even repeat it, its the essence of our lives we are sharing, not just a casual opinion.

in a similar its what we all do here everyday, telling our stories.

i count my blessings to be lost at sea, it toughened me up for crc.

i count my blessings for my crc, it educated me about my health and my body and what i eat and how how i live. I was headed for diabetese or a heart attack or a stroke anyway. crc just got me first.

Now i am 90Kg down from 137kg, where their is a will , their is away, i say.

detection of crc is easier than preventition for our world, our crc is the curse of the western world, the curse of our affulence.

so prevention is easy, one person at a time, then one family. i have started with myself, then wife and kids.


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