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re-occuring cancer

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Question, How accurate are pet/ct scans?

When they discovered the cancer back in 2010, they did a byopsy (spelling) came back negative., but she said since the area was so small she expected that . When had a pet/Ct scan in June it showed everything was gone. Now had another pet/ct scan shows "Activity". (what ever that means) she said that a byopsy will need to be done but start on chemo which is only a 28 to 38 % chance of working. Prior to the pet/Ct scan I have been working out alot and the night before the scan i got sick (did not mention this due to the fact figured it was just nervous) after the scans i have been fever and achy flu like systoms. Just today am feeling better.

When I asked her if the cancer was back all she kept saying was there was activity.

I am frustrated that she is only giving me the option of chemo (again) and nothing else, if you all could please help me to understand this.

Should I get another opinion? I am so scared.

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I can understand your confusion and frustration. Scans are not always correct. My first scan showed only the main mass and surgery was scheduled based on this scan. Once they got inside, they found the cancer had mets to abd. and pelvis...surgery canceled. If they scans are showing 'activity', it means that "hot spots" are showing up. These are areas that are absorbing more of the crap they inject you with (which may have caused you to not feel well). A biopsy would be the accurate way to confirm activity. Chemo may be the only option, depending on where the activity is showing. If your not comfortable with your doctor and feel your questions are not being answered...get a second opinion. This is your life and your body...Hope things turn around for you.

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