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Fired for cancer treatment

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I haver cervical & uterine cancers which I read was covered under the ADA laws. My boss refused to allow me to work and have off every 3rd week to get chemo. Which I read is a violation of the ADA laws because she refused to modify my work schedule. Then a week later i got fired because I was off getting cancer treatment, I also asked to work at home so I would not miss. Two other employees are/were alloed to work at home dues to disability & surgical recovery.

My medical insurance was cancelled so after 1 chemo treatment it had been put on hold until I pick up Cobra. I can't afford the amount, I've applied for medical assistance & social security both of which i was denied. I was approved for charity care at the hospital but the chemo Dr refused to accept this.

What can I do to get my job back, anyone have any ideas on how I can get my chemo restarted?

I've contacted Livestrong, ADA, EEOC & the DOJ along with several lawyers. So far not one person has returned my calls or emails. I've am at a loss as what to do now so that I can continue treatment and need help.

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Your story is horrible and should never have happened! Legally, they cannot fire you and I don't understand why no one is returning your phone calls. Keep fighting! Sounds like a case of discrimination to me. I have no answers for you, but wish you all the luck in the world. Keep fighting!

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