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DR. BERGER UCSF- Any experiences?

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Well, this is my first time posting on this board. My Husband was diagnosed with GBM IV about a week ago. We were told it was inoperable due to location. After much research and several opinions we decided to get on a plane and go to San Francisco to see DR. BERGER who said he will operate. It was a hard decision to make but we felt this is my husband's best chance of beating this thing. Has anyone else been in this position and opted for surgery? More importantly, does anyone else have experiences with DR. BERGER? Please help!!!! Thanks

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Im sorry to hear you too are now on this road we are on. Dont know anything about this doctor. We too were told the tumor was inoperable. Where is the tumor? Please tell us about your story.

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I have no experience with Dr. Burger, but I've been following a woman who has him for her doctor. You can read about her experiences on her blog, which is:

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My son is battling an anaplastic oligodendroglioma. We got a third opinion from UCSF. We did not speak to Dr. Berger but we really liked the doctor who reviewed David's case. They treated us really well. They also were the tie breaker on treatment options---they agreed with the first opinion and disagreed with the second opinion that we received. We went with their recommendation and I'm glad that we did.

In my research, I read only positive, favorable opinions on UCSF. I would consider it a good choice to go with their treatment recommendation.

Love, blessings, and peace to you.
Cindy in Salem, OR

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I'm a brain tumor survivor, passed two major & two minor surgeries, for resection of a 'stubborn' Neurocytoma.
I know Dr. Berger well, highly appreciate him on a professional basis, as well as personal.
Pls note he's one of the leaders in treating GBM (gliomas) and UCSF is considered among the top Hospitals in the country.
Wishing good luck & health.

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Dr Berger was my doctor in 1986 when at the age of 8, I suffered both a minor and a major brain hemorrhage or an AVM, Arterial Vienial Malformation. Dr Mitchell Berger saved my life and I was the first person to have ever survived this thanks to him. I am now married and have two beautiful children and I owe everything to him. I know this is not what you and your husband are facing, but I wanted to pass on that I think the world of Dr Berger. Best wishes and I'll keep you in my prayers!

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