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symptoms of gastric cancer

jain db
Posts: 8
Joined: Oct 2011

what are the symptoms of gastric cancer. My friend 70 years old is constantly belching and burping and has a burning sensation in the chest sometimes. Should she be tested for gastric cancer.

What symptoms did you all have when you discovered gastric cancer. I went thro lots of mails but could not find anyone writing symptoms ahich led them to diagnosis.


Posts: 21
Joined: Aug 2010

I hope your friend has seen a gastric specialist by now & had an endoscope to see if there is anything nasty causing this.

My husband was having gastric reflux (regurgitation of food, especially when in bed) - I guess you could also call this belching & burping - if it is happening consistently, she should get checked out - the sooner the better.

My husband was 73 when diagnosed, had immediate surgery to remove most of his stomach, followed by chemo & is now eating whatever he wants, in 'normal' sizes (and has been since 6 months following the surgery) and is competing in triathlons again.

If caught early enough, it is treatable & a pretty well full recovery can be expected.

If you see any of your other friends burping & belching a lot, suggest to them that they also get checked up!


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