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I get notices about Qigong workshops in Orlando, FL and this just came through. I did sign up for webcast to be held 9:30pm EST on 11/11/11. For those interested here is some info.

Sacred Qi Practice beyond words: 11-11-11
For the first time in Supreme Science Qigong history...
We'll be hosting the first OUTDOOR STANDING 9-BREATH CIRCLE!
9-Breath will be experienced in ways that no one has never seen before.

A sacred experience beyond electricity...
Join us LIVE in Orlando or on WEBCAST to have a most sacred experience.
Accelerate your vibration and come celebrate with us on The Grand Lawn.

You do not need a ticket, because the price is FREE, however all participants
must sign in and agree to our rules of participation. The biggest rule is to
AVOID ALCOHOL the day of the event. You risk great injury to yourself
doing Powerbreathing while under the influence of alcohol.
Sign up to guarantee your space on 11-11-11 WEBCAST


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Thanks for info Mary Ann. I have a former coworker/friend whose wife is a Buddhist priest (has done much study with masters in China) and teaches Qigong locally. I have great intentions of going to her classes which are also offered at a cancer center not too far away. No good excuse here as they are free to survivors.

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Annie, I have done some qigong with a small group. That and tai chi are reputed to be very good for health. We need to help our qi (or chi) flow freely in the body without blockages.

Annie, I hope you go to these classes and tell me what you think!!!! Nothing is free for cancer patients around here except support groups - no uterine group...yet!

All my best to you. Mary Ann

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Mary Ann,

My town has a great cancer support center called, CANCER SUPPORT COMMUNITY. It has everything to help us, but I've only participated in a few classes outside of my weekly therapy. You've just reminded me to get off my duff and attend something new. Okay well I'll get out the schedule and sign up for something new and if that doesn't push my buttons, try something else.

I do agree anything which calms our minds, will calm our bodies (decrease stress). What's the difference in qigong and tai chi? I've done tai chi, but for some reason wasn't me. Now yoga is what I truly love, but now is time to step out of my comfort zone and enter new areas.

Thanks my dear,

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