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I'm 16 -just found out I have Leukemia. just want to know more about it

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I am 16 and just found out Friday that I have cancer and am kind of trying to find people to email or whatever so I can see how this whole thing works and whats ahead. Kind of confused about it and am not sleeping because I'm freaking out a little bit . my email is jonathansabot@ymail.com or else I guess you can go to my blog on here that I started the other day or just write me on here? Hopefully I will find it :-) Anyway, mostly just wondering how you guys deal with all the info and how bad the chemo etc really is going to be . Everywhere I saw online its mostly adults etc. not that its a bad thing but I dont know if its the same feelings I am having and how I am going to make my head stop spinning in circles over thinking about all the stuff involved in this.

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I just wanted to post I read your POST...so sorry.

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I'm 20 but I had cancer in high school (thyroid). For me the worst part was dealing with people... not many people my age knew how to deal with me having cancer so they just ignored me. I actually only told one of my friends. I had surgery in the summer, and only missed a week here and there for tests. I also had a bad reaction to one of the thyroid tests which was hell. It played with my mind and that was so much worse than physical problems.
I've had serious health problems my entire life, so in a way coping for me is normal. I never had that moment where I had to address my mortality or losing "normality" because having medical problems is normal for me. But, in high school I started more of the why/not fair thinking. I think as a kid you just accept it, but now I get pretty annoyed if I have to have a surprise biopsy on my birthday or something like that. I guess how I deal is learning as much as I can about whatever is going on. I love reading about medical stuff and I plan on going to med school. Sometimes I have known more than my doctors ;) I also have two friends with whom I can talk seriously about this stuff... and one who loves to joke about it which is really helpful. I also have really strong belief in my religion and that is really helpful. But of course, the opposite can happen too.
Well even though I haven't been in your exact same place as you... I was going to say send me a message if you want to talk (I don't like posting my email in public because it's connected to my school), but maybe just reply here and I will email you :)

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Hey there,

I was diagnosed with leukemia as well in october but 8 years ago. At the time i was starting high school. It was difficult since I was just getting my feet wet into the high school life and was abruptly pulled out of school. The thing that helped me out a lot was to try and stay positive - saying to myself that I'll be fine in a couple of months. The info that the doctors give to you is important so make sure you try to absorb as much of it as possible. All the info/statistics about the treatment and disease, I took it as form of competition. My competitive nature forced me to stay positive, to overcome it. I had chemotherapy so often that by the end of it, I was a master at controlling those terrible side effects - I didn't throw up once during my last phase of chemotherapy. It's will power and mental fortitude to get out of bed, and try to walk around (it will start to get difficult, but walk a little bit at a time everyday where you can improve upon it daily, because after you start chemotherapy, your mood will change and you will feel like crap and not feel like doing anything). However, it is inevitable to not have side effects from the chemo, and if you know you are going to throw up, my one tip is to eat a banana because then, from my experience, the taste of the throw up won't be as bad as something like milk! Writing is a good way to relieve all that stress that you seem to be having. I started to keep a journal and it helped me tremendously with words that I needed to get out but wanted to keep private. Anyways, I've been rambling, but I do hope I have helped, and you if have anything questions, feel free to contact me. Stay strong!

BTW, what kind of leukemia is it?? and how is your treatment plan looking?


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I have ALL. My dad died of lung cancer and well- I wont even go into the rest. I just finished my first round of chemo. And yea the first time I threw up was just after-get this- icecream! UGH! It wasn't pretty. And my laptop wasn't happy either about it.

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Dear Jonathan,

Hi. I am sorry to hear that you are going through a rough time.I know how you feel. My son Vincent is 15 and was diagnosed with bone cancer in October of this year. He underwent a 9 hour surgery to remove tumor. Needless to ay it was quite complicated. Surgery went well and they feel that they got all the cancer. However, he has over probably 75-100 more tumors from head to toe. The doctors don't think they will become malignant....but we just don't know!!!

My point is.....You should think positive at all times.Believe in yourself and the fact that you have long term plans that nobody can mess with. My son loves lacrosse. He just made a team that he was dying to be a part of when he was diagnosed. His sugery took place the week it was to begin.....Sure, like you he was angry , scared and has all kinds of emotions running wild. This weekend we went out and bought a new lacrosse stick just to have something to encourage him and keep the hope and faith going. But you must hold on to your dreams Jonathan...and make that the light at the end of your tunnel!!! You will be in my prayers. I pray that you remain strong and positive and that you, and all kids like you and my son can go on enjoying your lives as you should.
May God bless you and keep you well....

Vincents' Mom

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Awww sorry it was ice cream and sorry it was the laptop but hey maybe things wont be so nauseous for you soon. Ill keep ya in my thoughts and hey email me or something we can chat.

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I'm also a 16 year old fighting cancer. I sent you an email if you want to talk

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I sent you an email back Thanks :-)

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Hello Jonathan how are you doing i wish doing fine and everythng is good from ur end.Well I'm 24M from India I was diagnosed (CML)Leukemia as well in October but 4 yrs ago that was during my Under Graduation electrical eng i had to quit my semester to take care of my health when i asked my parents what it was they told there that ma Spleen has enlarged because of Junk Food my doctor asked my parents not reveal wat was i going through i was asked to take CBP every 3 - 6 months and prescribed sme medicines. But it was in 2008 that i came to know abt it! After my UG studies i asked my parents how long should i take this medicine they were speech less on that night i googled what was that drug y am i asked to take without fail every day and i was shocked to find it to be an Anti Cancer drug,i looked for cure the answer was no :( i asked my Doctor he told that i am normal not to be worried rather concentrate on ur studies... f i dont know hw to react i was numb,confused,cant stop ma tears i shared to my close friends it relieved sme stress i tried to focus on ma studies but tht thing will always tickle ur mind! try to be normal stay focus think as if ur normal normal just normal i have many things to share if u like to share anythng plz feel free mail me...i want to share many things too

Dear friend hope for the best! there are sme wonderful medicines cming for CML patients gleevec/Veenut/Imatib are showing drastic improvements...

Be Brave stay strong take chill pill yaar! just follow the medication Doctor is ur best friend! everything gonna be alright :D


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You should contact Imerman Angels and the I'm Too Young For This foundation. They can match you up with someone your age who had the same type of cancer. Their websites are imermanangels.org and stupidcancer.com. Good luck!! Lily

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hi joNATHAN 



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