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Radiation burns and BMs

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It's been almost two years since I had radiation, but even now my bum will be in so much pain after going to the bthrm, esp. when I've had multiple bowel movements. Seriously, the pain can make me cry.
Does anyone have any advice? I had 30 rounds of direct radiation to my bum.

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There is an over the counter cream called Anusol that helps shrink swollen tissues without the intense burning. Or your radiation oncologist might be able to recommend an Rx creme.

I had radiation in both hips and straight up the tailpipe as well. I'm 7 years since that portion of treatment and it took me 3-4 years to recover from all of the associated pain with the radiation first - followed by rectal resection. I had hemhrroidectomy not long after that from complications. And with the bowel relearning through all of that, it took me 2 years off the top - I was at my sickest then. Then 2 more of alot of bad episodes before things settled out. So, really that's closer to 4-5 years.

Like you say though, pain can still come when things aren't right or the 'stress' is too much for one or you end up with multiple sessions.

The problem with our radiation treatment and subsequent surgeries, are that the anal tissue has been compromised and weakened through those procedures and are not as strong as a normal person's.

Bad days can lead to 'anal fissures' and a tear in the lining where you hurt and bleed until it heals. This pattern can continue.

My surgeon had told me that due to resection and scar tissue from the rads, that my pipe had shrunk as was narrower and of course the anal tissue at the end is very delicate and sensitive and prone to tearing, when stretched out of shape.

Tears? Had 'em too - big man crocodile tours...it was a horrible time. Not to bad these days, but things can always change and come unhinged, can't they?

You're normal...check with your rad onc or reg onc or try the drug store. Anusol is pretty good and does help.



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I'm still using Calmoseptine because it burns so bad. Last week it started bleeding really bad where is was just dripping in the toilet. Even using special toilet paper doesn't always help. When you go 15 times a day, the rear isn't made for all that wiping. Aquaphor works really well too. Hope you feel better.


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Thanks Craig and Kim...an unfortunate side effect for sure :(

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Or using a water spray-bottle to try and gently clean yourself and then use a fan to dry?
Ask your radiologist about creams to use such as the aforementioned aquaphor or silver sulfadiazine.........

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And here I wondered why I was burning so bad after two months, sigh.....I like to use sitz baths with domoboros powder in it. I also use aquaphor, anusol, proctosol and some preparation H with anesthetic in it, depends on the day what I use. I also have terrible itching sometimes which the preparation H helps. I don't know if you tried all the things I've mentioned but maybe just trying something different will help.

I'm sorry for your pain.

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no advice....

just smiling at the enormous intimacy we share....

I too am so sorry for your pain


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Joined: Aug 2011

I know Maggie, right? Like someone said before, the last time I was this interested in the whole going to the bathroom process, I was about 3-years-old :)
Glad there is a place to ask such questions and find some answers (and relief!)
Your friend in California~

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Radiation caused me to develop fissures developed after radiation that where hugely painful. It took a new and permanent ileo for my rear to get a chance to heal. I am not sure what they can do to help fissures heal, but mine took forever and I never fully recovered until my bum was only passing mucus. Percoset helped deal with the pain with my fissures. Perhaps your symptoms might be treated and give your hiney more time to heal.

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We bought bidets for my husband.  One is a seat we attached to his commode and the second is portable for travel.

They both made a huge difference in his comfort.  I can't imagine why the doctors aren't advising patients to get a bidet.

The more advanced ones gently blow you dry - no wiping.  They are worth every penny.  


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I am also in awe at the amount of time it can take to heal. I'm only 9 weeks our from radiation, which was brutal on me. I've been wondering how long it will be before it all 'gets better' and now I have my answer. It may be a long journey. 

I use a slew of different products on my poor bum,  but my favourite is (Bert's Bees) Vitamin E oil. 

Now I'm off to Amazon.com to look for a bidet. 

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