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Someone pleasee help, advice.. Symptoms.

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Hey, I'm Chelsea 19 years old... Lately I have been feeling really just like - Ill I suppose is the only way
To put it, I can go about my day to day chours.. Go to work etc... But lately it seems to be getting worse, I get really bad hot and cold flushes/swets. There is also this pressure above my right eye like a throbbing like somethings behind it putting pressure on it, they water also and twitch without my control because of the pressure - it's not constant constant. And they sting too like I just need to close them and not focus on something. Secondly this morning it got worse was violently throwing up and my legs where soo tense I couldn't relax th, also a pins and needlesy type twinge. There where small thumbprint I'd say purple bruises on thighs lower leg ankle, discolouration (purple colour like bruise) around hands and wrist... hands and feet ar always ice cold, sometimes I can feel what seems to be a clot or something? Like travelling through my leg. Pulse. Etc etc. I'm a smoker, currently righting this now I have a dull ache in my chest.. Also get shortness of Breath. My mum and dad said I'm a hypercondriact and that it doesn't even look bad but i dont know if there right cause surely its not right? Feeling these things for a reason..

Someone please give me a pointer, any early symptoms?? Much appreciated xxxxx

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Bruising is low platelets, could be a sign of many things, sometimes a flag for blood diseases. Any really bad joint pain or swelling in your gums? Those are also bad signs. List more details about symptoms,you aren't diabetic are you?

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to give you a credible reply. but I can't tell from your biographics or posting if you are a current/past cancer patient or are just worried you might have cancer because of these symptoms. If you would give us some insight into this your answers will be much better suited to your circumstance.

best wishes

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