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Update on Tony

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Yesterday was treatment 2 out of which was to be 4 and then a scan in December to check the liver tumors. something about Tony having constant diarrhea concerned the doctor. although he hasn't lost any weight, his blood work is fine and he has basically been telling the doc he has had Intestinal issues for over 6 months and the doctor's response was always, "I don't think it's cancer related.". finally the doc said well let's do a ct scan about a month ago and that's when they found the 4 lesions scattered in the liver. ok. long story even longer- yesterdY doc said let's do the treatment today and instead of doing 2 more treatments and pet scan in dec. let's scan in 4 weeks and go from there- liver resection vs ablation. we are kind of confused. why is he concerned now? and I was under the impression that resection may not be viable because tumors are scattered. good newa is that our insurance is networked with ucla. we are not wanting to do this next step here.

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My oncologist changes his mind on scan timings regularly.

In truth, it looks like Tony is only moving up one or two weeks (in a month it will be 11-22, just 9 days away from 12-1). It may be that he is happy with the results of the treatment and feels confident that the scans will show a way forward.

In any case, it is nothing to be concerned about.


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Praying that everything will be FINE.


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