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Update on Lisa42 from her husband

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This is Andre Dider, Lisa's husband, with good news to report on my wife's condition. As Gail reported yesterday, there is a chance that the two new lung masses (a 5cm in the right lower lobe and 2-3cm in the upper left lobe) may be pneumonia related and not actual tumors. We will wait and see on that. Other good news is the abdomen CT results, which show no change on her liver from her July PET/Scan. Lisa is feeling better today and is relying less on oxygen. She still gets a fever of up to 103 and then it goes down. Her pulse also spikes as high as 135 and she is having a "productive" cough, which helps get the junk out of her lungs. These are complications all related to the pneumonia. Yesterday, she started a very strong anti-fungal antibiotic to try and knock out the stubborn lung infection. When her strength is back, she may try Oxcoliplatin (spelling ?) chemo again because this was most effective when she first used in 2007-2008. Unfortunately, she had bad allergic reactions to this chemo, with neuropathy in her hands and feet. They will administer this chemo over a two day period to lessen her allergy.

I have read your supportive comments about Lisa and am humbled. Lisa had just turned 41 when she was diagnosed in August of 2007 and she is still fighting this devil disease with all her might over 4 years later. Many comment on how strong Lisa is, which is very true, and she gets her strength from our Lord Jesus Christ. My heart goes out to all of you who are struggling with your own cancer issues. Be encouraged that Lisa is on the mend and she wanted me to let you all know that she is upbeat and positive about her situation.

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Please give Lisa a hug from her friend emily the juice chick. :-)

We all love her and miss her presence on the boards. What great news to hear she is on the mend.

Tell her to get that juicer going when she gets home to boost her immune system with all those wonderful healing live enzymes.

Your entire family is in my prayers.

peace, emily

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I think almost always when Lisa sends a message to a scared, devastated newbie (such as when it was me), she boldly gives glory to God. I love that!!! That is what I needed to hear more than anything.

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The encouraging news about Lisa is so good to hear.

Thank you for taking the time to let us know.

Our prayers are with Lisa for her swift exit from the hospital and for your entire family during this tense time.

Hugs to all.

Marie who loves kitties

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Thanks for taking the time to share such great news. I hope it continues as it cheers us all up. Other Lisa

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For keeping us updated and it is nice to hear the good news.

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will be praying for a total recovery of the pneumonia!

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Thanks for bringing us the good news.
My love and prayers are continuing going your way

Fight for my love
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Thank you very much,Andre.Dear Lisa,my heart tells me you are going to be ok.I am so happy to see this uplifting update.

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Who'd have thought that we'd be cheering that Lisa "only" has pneumonia.
Lisa's an amazingly strong woman, she's been so supportive of everyone on the board.
My healing thoughts and well wishes are with Lisa, you and your family.

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That's really great news!

I am so relieved to know that things are moving in a better direction now and that Lisa will be ok as she fights through this obstacle.

Everyone's been collectively holding our breath, so if you feel a sudden gust of air blow through California, you'll know it was from her friends:)

This might make her smile - tell her that Sundance and Big Billy say "get well soon."

She gets a kick out of Big Billy, Andre. Tell her and you'll see her grin:)


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Hi Andre, That news is a big sigh of relief! Please tell her that Rick and I send our best wishes and pray that she will be feeling better soon.

All our best,
Rick and Cynthia

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Thinking of you all tonight....So thankful!

Love JP

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This is great news. Please tell Lisa we are all pulling for her. She is such a sweetheart and a true fighter. I wish her the best!


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That sounds like very promising news. I'm so glad that she is feeling even a little better. We sure do miss her on the boards with her big bold spirit that she shares with every post. Let her know that she is in my prayers and thoughts. Thank you for the update.

Hugs to her! Kim

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I am really very happy to read your post! Please tell her how much we love her and miss her. She always gives me hope and support! She gives me spiritual support when I lost faith.

Please tell her I am still looking forward to talking to her on the phone!

Best wishes, love and hugs to Lisa, you and your children,

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And thank you for keeping us up to date.

I don't post much anymore but given that my name is also Lisa, please let her know that Lisa P. is sending Other Lisa (the name I gave her) sincere hugs, kisses, and love. She will get it.

Thank you so much for keeping us posted and I personally know that getting back to home is what she wants and needs right now.

And I fully expect that next week she will be giving us the updates instead of you (no personal offense). She is amazing and will bounce back!

Love to Other Lisa,

Lisa P.

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So glad to hear this wonderful news. Tell Lisa we love her!


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So glad Lisa is getting better. Have her in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

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Thank you Andre.
As you know, Lisa has been a huge help and inspiration to most of us on this site, including myself. She always amazes me in her ability to remain upbeat and positive in all that she faces. And her compassion towards others who share this fate knows no bounds. I hold her, yourself, and your family in prayer daily.

Peace and blessings... Rob; in Vancouver

May The Lord bless you and keep you.
May the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you.
May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace...

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Lisa very generously sent me the information she had accumulated in regard to her Gemzar regime. I know she wasn't feeling well at the time but she went to the trouble to pack it up and mail it to Canada. I think of her often and hope she is soon feeling better. My strongest wishes for peace to Lisa, yourself, and your family.


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I'm very grateful you have kept this other family updated on Lisa's condition. We are your, your wifes, your family's other family. We love Lisa and her strength, endurance, support for all the lives that she touches. Blessings to you and yours!


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She is so sweet and caring. Glad to hear that she is feeling a little better, and hopefully her fever will go down and stay down so she can get home. I'll continue to pray for her and hope to see her here again soon.

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Nana b
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Thank you Andre! Bug hug to you and the kids. I hope that Lisa comes home and akes time to rest. Rest and little to none stress is the set for her. We all know how precious life is, especially when it's such a caring person like Lisa. May the Lord bless you and yours and bring you peace, love and comfort.

Rest Lisa.

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I will be praying for a peaceful night for Lisa and that the new day brings her continued improvement and healing so she can go home this weekend. Sending Lisa, you and your family all my love.


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Great news all the way around!!! Thanks Andre for updating us.


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Thank you so much for letting us know how Lisa is doing, we, of course don't need to tell you what an amazing woman she is, and how kind she has been on the board here.
Thank you for keeping us updated, and please share our love and hugs and thoughts with her.
I am so glad to hear she is on the mend and will say a few words to the man upstairs, so that he hears another voice showing how much we care and need her here.
Get some rest Andre, and our thoughts are with you as well, and again, thank you for keeping us updated.
Winter Marie

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Thank you very much for sharing with us about Lisa. You can see that she is so precious to many of us. She is such a strong lady and she loves you all so very much I know she wants to keep going.
I will continue to keep Lisa and your family in my prayers. She is a very special lady.


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Andre for the update.Lisa you go girl you can fight this cause i know He is on your side...Godbless....johnnybegood

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And because God is so busy,
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When He tucked me in your Pocket
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Thank you so much for the update. I am thinking of Lisa all the time and I am happy that she is feeling better and that there is a treatment plan in place. I miss you Lisa!


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Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. Always praying for her (and everyone else). FM

Posts: 1428
Joined: Feb 2011

Andre, thank you for the update. Take care of that special lady of yours :)

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I have not been on the board much lately and did not know that Lisa was sick. She is one amazing woman and just want you and her to know that she is in my thoughts and prayers.
Holding Lisa in the Light for healing and strength.

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Thank you so much, for the update. I am so relieved. everyone has said it all. Prayers will continue. she is much loved here. Please give her a gentle hug for me.

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