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Update on Lisa42

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I know we are all worried about Lisa so I thought I would post an update from Andre. I have sent him a link to csn so hopefully he will join. Amazing thing is, Gail sent Lisa a text last night, and she managed to reply. Hopefully we'll have more news
From Andre
I just spoke with Lisa. She is feeling somewhat better but she still has a fever. She must go 48 hrs. with no fever before she can leave the hospital. Her doctor is starting a new anti-fungal antibiotic on her today. We are awaiting her results of an abdomen CAT/Scan that was done yesterday. She will try to call one of you today with more news.

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Great to have an update on Lisa. Sending lots of love and care to her and her family.


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Hope for a healing very soon! Praying for her !

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thank you Sonia for the update. continued prayers for her. judy

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Thanks once again:)

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Sonia for the update,i will keep praying and hoping for good news...Godbless...johnnybegood

Fight for my love
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Thank you for the update,Sonia.

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Thank you for posting, Sonia! I've been worried sick, and can think of barely anything else. This news is good, as far as i'm concerned. She's not out of the woods, but feeling better gives me a lot of hope.

Waiting patiently for news she's out of danger.


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Glad to get the update.

Lisa--we're pulling for ya!


peace, emily

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I have been praying for Lisa and hoping for some good news. I am so glad that she is feeling somewhat better, that is a step in the right direction. Praying for more positive news....

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That's better news. I will keep praying. Lisa

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Thanks Sonia!
Lisa has been on my heart and in my prayers since I woke up today.

Lisa, I will continue to pray my friend.


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Thank you Sonia for updating us.
Lisa is in my thoughts and prayers.
Winter Marie

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Thanks keeping us informed. We continue to pray for Lisa and her family.

Angela and Robert

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Thanks for the update. Wishing her well and hoping that her fever stays away so she can come home. She will feel so much better there.


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for good news. Thank you, Sonia, and please keep us posted on Lisa's progress.

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Thank You so much for updating us on Lisa's condition. She is so kind and such a fighter. She has been in my payers all night and relieved to hear that she is feeling alittle better.

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Best news I'ver heard all day!
God Bless!

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