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used chemo drugs, tomotherapy...???

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Dear all,

After one week being extremely depressed and devastated, my brain started working again. I need opinion and advice from you all desperately.

My mum, a brave fighter, decided to continue chemo treatment even though she has used all of them and seems none is working anymore. Her onc decided to re-use oxaliplatin with Avastin. She was on FOLFOX with Avastin from Nov 2010 to May 2011 (6 cycles of treatment all together). Her onc thinks maybe oxaliplatin will still have some effect to control the growth of the tumors. I wonder if this combination had stopped working, will they work again now (after 4 months of Irinotecan with Avastin).

Besides, I did seek second opinion, and the other onc suggested her to use Erbitux even though she is KRAS-mutated 12. This onc strongly believes that with Erbitux, oxaliplatin will work again! The problem is when I asked my mum's existing onc, he said, this combination will make her worse!!! Who should I trust?

I talked to liver surgeon, although there is only 1 tumor left in her liver yet she has numerous new nodules in her lungs, it's not possible to have another operation. He did suggest mum to go for TOMOTHERAPY. However, when I asked the oncologists (existing and new), they both being very negative about it. They said tomotherapy will affect the function of her lungs or even do more harm than benefits. Besides, they said my mum's tumors are progressing now and even if we kill the existing ones, new one will come out anyway! I search a lot of information from the internet and I don't find anything bad about this therapy. Again, who should I trust?

There are many information spinning in my mind and I really need your help.
Love to you all,

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is an even more directed type of radiation therapy. Here is the Wiki entry:


I think what the Oncologists are saying is that a therapy spending weeks going after specific tumors would be like a bad game of whack a mole, with new ones springing up to take their place while you were chasing the existing ones. Not to say they are correct, just trying to interpret what you are reporting.

The two Oncologists you have seen were both hematologists, for advice on Tomo, you might want to see a radiotherapy oncologist who does the therapy. At the very least, it is worth the time for the appointment.

On the Erbitux, I think they are afraid of the additional side effects. Your mum could ask to have Erbitux added to the mix (still taking the Avastin), as I think this combination of drugs has been used in some treatments or trials.

Best of luck in whatever they try,


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"Resectability with Cetuximab extends Life in Difficult to Treat Metastatic Colorectal Cancer" which was just publicized and may be of help (watch the stats tho).......

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Hi Dora, My husband took Folfox back in May of 09 and completed 12 rounds. He has been through almost every other chemo exept xeloda, we are saving that on for a phase 3 clinical trial when needed. His Doctor also recommened FOLFOX again, or the clinical trial. All of them have nasty side effects, but with this one we know he's getting the drug. In a phase 3 trial you have a 50/50 chance of getting the trial drug with xeloda. My husbnd also has a few liver mets and some small lung mets. We haven't heard of tomotherapy, but have done ablation on the liver. **** luck with your mom's decision. It's hard to choose what to do when different doctors disagree on methods.

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