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my mom

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My mom is 78 years old and has been a healthy woman up until she got sick in August. She was in and out of the hospital with many different ailments, thought they were treating Phnemonia, however it turned out to be lung cancer.

She was diagnosed with non small cell stage III B. The cancer is confined to only the left side of the lung connected with some lymphnode involvment (on same side as well), it has not metasticized anywhere else.

I would love for someone to speak with me who has had this particular cancer or knows of a loved one who is going thru it or has went through it. I am scared but am staying positive, I just need some re assurance :)

Thank you,

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I know the feeling...

My 79 year old Mother was diagnosed with stage iv nsclc in August. It is in her right lung, lymph nodes and 3 ribs. She had her first chemo 2 weeks ago and it has been tough to see her feel so poorly. The Dr. says her blood counts (10 days after chemo) were very good! He wants her to complete at least 3 more treatments - every 3 weeks.

This is tough stuff. Instead of focusing on all the awful possibilities ahead we are focusing on diet, exercise, drinking lots of water and staying as positive as possible! She is going to see the new movie 50/50 today - suppose to be inspirational for those with cancer.

Stay strong and good luck.

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Thank you for the insite...I wish your mom well. My mom is taking it all in stride and is being very strong, she definitely wants to beat it and I think that she will, just by staying positve, exercise and food choices....you are correct :)

This is her first week of chemo and radiation and is doing quite well under the circumstances...she is a tough cookie..... (that is really her name)

I wish you and your mom lots of luck, prayers are with the both of you :) Please keep me posted, nice to talk to people that are experiencing the same thing!

Stay strong and positive :)

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He has stage 3a nsclc.right lower lobe lung tumor,a 12mm for which he has undergone 39 radiation treatments and he has finished his carbo/taxol chemo treatments yesterday.He is a very tough man.He has never been sick,honestly..he was only in the hospital appx 40 yrs ago for a right inguinal hernia repair.So, I understand how you feel. It has basically been a miserable past 4 months for my family,and myself.
Initially, I was esentially distraught,crying quite a bit, now I am trying to maintain and think positive.We do the best that we can, I went to all of his chemo sessions, go to his doctors appointments with him.My dad is eating well,drinking water,magic cups,(protein supplement),eating fresh food,protein,iron rich foods,etc..God will take care of him..You have to try have faith in you mother,her doctors, and God.Yes, it is cancer, but that does not mean she is going to leave this world anytime soon....I am hopeful that this chemo/radiation treament will get rid of my dad's cancer for a good while, as I hope the same for your mom.Keep in touch.My dads cancer is the squamous cell type.His was in lymph node station7, subcarinal.

Stay Strong and Pray, Kado.

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Thank you Kado for the inspirational note! You seem to feel the same as I do,I did the exact same thing as too crying alot in the beginning and just feeling sad as too why my mom? Now I am in a better place and feel very good with my mom and her response to the chemo/radiation! She is doing quite well shall I say so myself...LOL

Nice to know that there are people out there that you can talk too who are going thru the same things...It has been a horrible 3 months for me and my family as well, however we are taking the positive road on this one......She has been eating well also, like you said fresh foods, fruits, veggies, etc.....May I ask what are magic cups?

I do have faith in my mom as I do her doctors and god, we just need to stay strong and positive, I try to think of the cancer as a bad infection and that they are getting rid of it with meds.....LOL

Thank you again for the talk, it helped please keep in touch as well. My mom has Non small cell Sarcomotoid(?) Carcinoma! stage IIIB.

Prayers to you and your family....stay strong as well :)

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Honestly,I had just knew from your story that ailment related to lung could become a lung cancer. My girlfriend has an acute asthma but with your experience, I think I should take her to doctor to check up. I hope it is not the lung cancer. I hope you can keep strong. And I think you should be more often together with your mom. When my uncle was about to pass because of an anal cancer, I stay in his house for a full month. Well, he passed, but he's smiling in his death bed -- which I take as a sign that he is brave when welcoming destiny.

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My mom had a few different signs, she started with flu like symptoms (had no other symptoms whatsoever), we took her into ER for something un related and it all unfolded there, (this was in August) unfortunately she was in and out of the hospital almost the entire month, as she was there, they did many tests like bronchospocy, medistynoscopy, etc...the ct scan at the beginning of August is what told us there was something behind her left chest cavity that was attached to her lymphnodes...She was A symptomatic never was really sick at all..and I mean never!

I guess you can never be too cautious..Lung cancer is a very scary disease, but like any other, if treated you can live a very productive and positive life....Unfortunately another thing to keep in mind is that lung cancers are usually found in the more advanced stages rather than earlier stages, because alot of people have no symptoms...it is very scarry.

Take care,

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