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similar stories?

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Hi All -

I am new to this site. Dad, 78 yrs old, recently diagnosed with stage 3b lung cancer - poorly differentiated adenocarcenoma. Long story short, went to ER in mid April for what DR thought was potential kidney failure. Was bleeding from somewhere, had to have 8 units of blood. Thought they figured out the problem but has since been back to ER 4 more times since - bleeding then vertigo. Finally last visit in early Sept they found 2 masses in the rt lung. He has had chest xrays before, has blood work done every 6 weeks for other health issues, has kidney dr., heart dr., and general dr. Not one of them noticed the fact he has lost 30lbs since April and recognized other symptoms! Went from being a relatively healthy, walk 3 miles a day guy to a 122lb use a walker to get out of bed guy.

Oncologist says surg not an option and not good candidate for rad/chemo due to other ailments - AFib, history of blood clots, Congestive Heart Failure and also weight loss.

He has PET and brain scan this week. Holding out hope that surgery may be an option since lung doctor said it is possible if it hasn't spread. Think dad would rather die on the table than to wither away like he is now.

Questions -
anyone on this site have similar story with the other ongoing medical problems that complicate treatment?
Anyone dealing with Cachexia and finding ways to slow it down or reverse it?
Anyone using medicinal marijuana to increase appetite?

Thank you so much in advance to anyone responding and best of luck to all those both dealing with and helping loved ones with cancer.

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Hello, I am sorry to hear about your dad...He is dealing with alot right now....as for the appetite and loss of weight,ask your doctor about a medication called Megace, it will help with his appetite, and also try something called, Magic Cups, you can buy them at the GFS food stores.They're like little icecreams, but they don't melt.Keep them in the freezer,until ready to eat, can stay in fridge for 5 days.very tasty. High in calories and protein.Also try the Boost drinks or Carnation instant breakfast drinks.I wish you good luch and peace.......God Bless,Kado

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Thanks Kado for the suggestions; I will look into them asap.

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